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See a Limited Release Before the End of the Day

May 24th, 2013

It is a rather short list for limited releases this week, but there is at least one, Before Midnight, that has a really good shot at earning some mainstream success. It is not the only film earning great reviews, but not every film that earns great reviews thrives in limited release and films like Fill the Void and We Steal Secrets will likely find more limited success.

3 Geezers - Reviews
An actor decides to do some research on being elderly for a movie role, but things don't go as he plans. There are a number of very, very good actors but there are very few reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and all of them are negative. 3 Geezers opened on Wednesday in theaters and on Video on Demand.

Before Midnight - Reviews
The third installment in the Before Sunrise franchise. For most fans of art house cinema, that's all they need to know to be excited to go to the theaters. There are not a lot of Indie franchises out there, but this is one of them. The film is earning near perfect reviews and if it doesn't earn at least $1 million at the box office, I would be shocked. It will likely get closer to $5 million than $1 million. Before Midnight opens tonight in five theaters, split between New York City and Los Angeles, and unless something shocking happens, it will expand significantly.

Doin' It in the Park Pick-Up Basketball, NYC - Reviews
A documentary looking at basketball, but not just basketball, pick-up basketball in New York City. The film is earning good reviews, but even the positive reviews complain that it is not as in-depth as one would like. Also, I'm not sure if there is an audience for this film outside of basketball fans and / or New Yorkers. Doin' It in the Park opened on Wednesday at the Maysles Cinema in Harlem, New York.

Fill the Void - Reviews
Hadas Yaron plays Shira, an 18-year old is about to be married off when her 28-year old sister dies in childbirth. Not only does this delay her wedding, but when her late sister's husband considers leaving the country with his child, Shira's mother pressures her to marry him, in order to keep the child close to their family. The film is earning amazing reviews and was Israel's official selection for the Oscars. It could find a receptive audience in limited release, but its chances of expanding significantly are limited. Fill the Void opened tonight in three theaters, two in New York City and one in Los Angeles.

We Steal Secrets - Reviews
A documentary about WikiLeaks. It is a very timely release, as it was revealed recently the United States government subpoenaed the records of many journalists looking into classified leaks. When the United States government went after Julian Assange, many members of the media were too happy to attack him as well, in order to protect their access to government officials, but now that they are under attack, they are freaking out. I would say screw them, but a free press is more important than teaching them a lesson. The reviews are excellent and with the great timing, it could do really well... for a documentary. It's chances of expanding significantly are limited, but perhaps it will find a large enough audience to break even on the home market. We Steal Secrets opens tonight in four theaters, split between New York City and the Los Angeles area.


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