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Blu-ray Sales: Grey Brightens Up Blu-ray

June 7th, 2012

Getting caught up on the Blu-ray sales chart after a massive overhaul of the database, which hopefully you didn't notice too much. We're splitting the two weeks into two articles, otherwise they would be just too cumbersome. We start with the week ending May 20th, which featured six new releases on the chart. Top spot went to The Grey with 375,000 units sold, but in terms of revenue, it was in second place with $7.50 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 51%, which even just last year would have been momentous, but now is standard for a first-run release for any action or adventure film. Chronicle placed second in terms of units with 350,000 units, but was number one in terms of revenue at $8.31 million. Its opening week Blu-ray share was 57%, which is impressive, even given the average for an action film. Underworld: Awakening fell from first to third with 148,000 units / $2.75 million for the week giving it totals of 710,000 units / $13.96 million after two weeks of release. One for the Money debuted in fourth place with just 66,000 units / $1.31 million. This film did have a lot of action, but it was more of a comedy, so I wasn't expecting it to be a big seller on Blu-ray. Even so, its opening week Blu-ray share was just 28%, which is disappointing. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol fell to fifth place with 61,000 units / $1.27 million over the week for a totals of 1.87 million units / $40.74 million.

We find Rampart in ninth place with 42,000 units / $636,000. Its Blu-ray share was 36%, which is excellent for a limited release, especially one that is heavy on the drama and light on the visuals. The Devil Inside only managed 19th place with 20,000 units / $492,000. It struggled on DVD and with an opening week Blu-ray share of just 25%, it bombed on Blu-ray. Hell on Wheels: The First Season was right behind with 19,000 units / $380,000 for a opening week Blu-ray share 34%. This is a strong start for a TV on DVD release.

The overall Blu-ray sales were a little week compared to last week down 7% in terms of units and 11% in terms of revenue. Granted, you would always prefer growth, but week-over-week declines of this size are just random noise and nothing to be concerned about, or really take note of. On the other hand, growth from last year was noteworthy, as we sold 99% more units and generated 128% more revenue. DVD sales were weaker compared to last week and last year, so the overall Blu-ray share was again strong at 44% in terms of units and 52% in terms of dollars, which was again about double what it was this week last year.

There's no need to look ahead to next week, because we already have those numbers and we will get to them right away.


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