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Hitch still Connecting with Moviegoers

April 24th, 2005

Hitch is just coasting on holdovers now, and will be until it opens in Japan at the beginning of June. This week it added $5.1 million from 3000 screens in 55 markets to its already impressive $170.4 million international total and with soft week to week drop-offs and a good showing in Japan and it will have a $200 million future. This week the film added $643,359 in its fifth weekend in France for a $12,785,670 total in the market, $110,000 in its second weekend in Argentina, (rising to first place in the meantime) as well as other, smaller markets.

  • Constantine was just a few thousand behind with $5.08 million thanks to its $3,695,429, first place finish in Japan on 347 screens. With $129.3 million internationally the film was pushed over the $200 million mark worldwide and with a decent run in Japan it could push its international total could eventually double its domestic one.
  • After a one week stint in the top five, Be Cool fell out again with $5 million on 2200 screens for a $27.3 million running tally. The film open in third place with $1,192,722 on 231 screens, about on par with other openings, while in Spain the film dropped a mere 20% to $850,000. On the other hand, the film only managed $36,000 and sixth place in its debut in Argentina and fell dramatically in both Russia and South Korea.
  • The Amityville Horror made its international debut in a couple of markets. In the U.K. the film finished in second place with $2.5 million on 346 screens while in Australia the film had to settle for $770,000 on 142 screens.
  • Sahara had a couple of first place finishes this weekend with $1.0 million in Russia and $155,000 in Poland. On the other hand, it could only managed third place in New Zealand with $165,000 on 45 screens. But its biggest single market was its sophomore stint in the U.K. where it brought in $1.5 million on 400 screens. Add in $750,000 on 183 screens in Australia its total for the weekend is $3.5 million and $8.6 million internationally.
  • Valiant saw its fortunes grow in France jumping 11% for the weekend to $1,111,383 and $4,640,703 during its three week run. The film also had a $1 million weekend in the U.K. having now earned $12.8 million there.
  • Million Dollar Baby climbed by 3% in its fourth weekend in France to $2,106,826, which pushed its total in the market to $14,263,524, putting it above Hitch's run in the market. Internationally the film now has $85 million but it will need to keep up with the strong legs in France and have a strong run in Japan to reach the $100 million milestone.
  • Conan: The Movie Vol. 9 slipped into second place in its native Japan with $2,084,814, down just 21%.
  • Pooh's Heffalump Movie opened in France last weekend but only managed a seventh place finish with $930,705 on 525 screens. That was nearly half of its $2 million weekend haul and helped it climb to $23.7 million internationally.
  • Barfuss fell a soft 19% during its third week in Germany earning $1,740,905 for the week and $5,743,171 during its run. That puts it on par with The Ring Two's run in the region.
  • Son of the Mask opened in Japan with $1,368,849 on 286 screens; the sub $5000 per screen average usually means short legs, or at least short legs for the market. On the plus side, it shot up more than 60% during its fourth weekend in Australia to $210,000 on 139 screens. Good news, the film has now made more internationally than it did domestically $18.7 million to $17.0 million. Bad news, that's not enough to cover its domestic P&A budget never mind its huge $85 million production budget.
  • Hide & Seek dropped a mere 36% to $988,040 during its second weekend in Germany, which is a pretty good result for a horror film in the market. That gives the film $2,529,183 in the market and $57.7 million international.
  • Manuale d'amore is hanging tough in Italy with $868,217 for the weekend and $16,647,254 during its run, easily the highest grossing movie in the top twenty.
  • In Good Company debuted in Spain with $557,181 on 214 screens, strong enough for fifth place. In the meantime, the film fell 64% during its second weekend in Taiwan to $36,000; as scary as that drop may seem, it's about average for the market. The film added an estimate $700,000 to its international box office this week, which currently sits at roughly $7 million.
  • Downfall saw its U.K. box office grow 17% while doubling its screen count to 102; that put its weekly take to $644,686 lifting its box office in the market to $1,787,665. The film also opened in Taiwan with $20,000 on 4 screens, which is a reasonable start.
  • After s poor start in Australia Guess Who held up well dropping 17% to $640,000 over the weekend.
  • National Treasure is falling fast on the Japanese charts slipping from second to sixth with $635,784 this weekend. Even so, it is still has an impressive $16,997,424 during its 5 week run and $170.4 million internationally and should top its domestic total soon.
  • Meet the Fockers opened in South Korea but couldn't replicate the success it found elsewhere finishing fourth with $607,173 on 148 screens. That was enough to push the film's international box office to $231.7 million so the studio should have no complaints.
  • The Aviator may have spent its last weekend in the top ten in Japan as it fell 32% to $464,726 for the weekend and $7,762,147 during its run. The film now has $108 million internationally, but will need to wait till its initial push into the home market before it shows a profit.
  • Hostage's debut in Australia wasn't nearly as strong as the studio would have liked as it finished in seventh place with just $450,000.
  • Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason reached $10 million in Japan during the midweek picking up $424,698 over the weekend. That raised its box office in the market to $10,649,459 and $211.7 million internationally. And while it beat the original on that score, it won't do the same worldwide.
  • Assault on Precinct 13 is really struggling internationally and this week was no different with a fifth place $44,000 opening in Argentina. The film dropped more than 60% in New Zealand to $40,000 as well as in Australia with $77,000. Overall, the film added an estimated $400,000 to its $10.2 million international total.
  • Thanks to s soft second weekend descent in Germany, Hotel Rwanda was able to climb to eleventh place with $267,354 for the week and $615,725 total.
  • White Noise opened in a couple of smaller markets taking in $225,000 on 60 screens in Holland and $34,000 on 17 screens in Hungary.
  • The Assassination of Richard Nixon saw its weekly number sliced in half in the U.K. to $244,491, that was enough to push its total in the market to $721,068, which is slightly more than it earned domestically.
  • Bride and Prejudice made its debut in Spain with just $148,000 on 72 screens; this is not a good start by any stretch of the imagination, but given the type of film, it is not surprising either. The film did much better in Greece with seventh place and $57,000.
  • Boogeyman opened in Taiwan with $75,000 and third place; it also placed third in its debut in Norway with $80,000. These are better results than in most places as the film has only managed $7 million internationally.
  • Howl's Moving Castle fell to third place in Hong Kong with an estimated $150,000 this week. That brings its total in the market to $2.8 million and $214 million internationally.
  • The Jacket collapsed during its third weekend in Italy falling by 57% to $150,000.
  • Paparazzi failed to connect with an audience in Mexico opening with just $135,000 on 75 screens, finishing in 15th place.
  • Spanglish fell an incredible 71% during its second weekend in Germany landing at 15th place with just $128,000.
  • Man of the House's international run is even worse than its domestic run was; the film earned just $120,000 during its second weekend in the U.K. for an anemic total of $490,000 in the market and $585,000 internationally.
  • Raise Your Voice opened in sixth place in New Zealand with $55,000. It could probably still top its domestic total internationally, except it appears to be going direct-to-video in the U.K. Given its performances elsewhere, it should have made $5 million in the market.
  • After the Sunset opened in the Netherlands over the weekend but only brought in $50,000 on 30 screens for a 9th place finish. This is the last we'll hear from the film till it opens in Japan in the middle of August and we'll only hear about it then if it makes the top ten.
  • Coach Carter barely made the top twenty during its opening in Mexico the weekend before last bringing in just $40,000 on 20 screens.
  • Cursed plummeted 60% during its second weekend in Holland landing at just $40,000 giving it $170,000 in that market and just $2.3 million internationally.
  • Elektra was unsatisfying in its debut in Hungary bringing in just $26,000 on 15 screens. The film has brought in $31.3 million internationally, the largest single chunk coming from Spain with $4.4 million.
  • DiG! debuted in Australia but didn't capture moviegoers attention with just $19,560 on seven screens. This isn't a surprising result since the rockumentary is about two bands that most people have probably never heard of Downunder.
  • Blade: Trinity has official dropped of the radar, we know it opened in Peru and Venezuela, but we have no box office details for those markets. We do know that the film is now just $100,000 from overtaking Blade II as the biggest international hit of the franchise with $72.5 million. The film has yet to open in Japan, but it would have to become an unreasonably huge hit for it to become the biggest worldwide hit of the franchise.
  • Shark Tale fell out of the top ten in Japan, its last market. And barring any additional information, its final international box office will be $179.5 million.

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