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Movie Websites Launches for March 5 - March 11

March 11th, 2004

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates including the winner for the week, The Ladykillers - Official Site. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
Current Content: No changes since last week, and while this isn't a bad site, I can't help thinking other Spy Spoof sites did the same act, only better.

Alien vs. Predator
Current Content: A new, Internet exclusive, trailer was added to the site.

Broken Wings
Current Content: A simple site with not much in the way of sound or animation. There's the usual information but the highlight of the site is the theme song. While the theme song plays the lyrics are displayed so you can sing along. At least that's what I think is happening. The words are in Hebrew, so I can't be sure.

Current Content: Been a long time since the site went live, and while the cast bios are almost all there, one has is still missing. But this week we find out why, it's a content. Figure out who does the voice for Delgo and you could win tickets to the premiere.

Ella Enchanted
Current Content: The new site is up, and I'm not sure if it's another placeholder or the full site. It has much more content than the usual Miramax site, but not as much as the average full site. Synopsis, trailer, cast and crew (no bios), image gallery and desktops. There's also a section for links, but it just a list of merchandise.

The Girl Next Door
Current Content: Eight clips were added to the site.

Current Content: A new behind the scenes preview was added to the site. It's impressively long and definitely makes me want to see the movie more.

Home on the Range
Current Content: The first of three games, a coloring book, was added to the site.

Kill Bill
Current Content: The teaser trailer for Volume 2 is up.

The Ladykillers
Current Content: Last time I mentioned this site, I was a little concerned the placeholder site wasn't actually a placeholder site. There was more content on it than a lot of full sites. However, this week that worry was alleviated when the flash site launched. The site's use of sound and animations is excellent with animated intros and audio clips before each section. Not only are audio clips effective, they are very funny. The content itself is pretty standard, synopsis, trailer, image gallery, etc. There are some features marked coming soon, like screen saver, clips and a game of blackjack I'm looking forward to the most. And while there are no background music there are clips from all the songs on the soundtrack. There's another interesting touch, a cat and a dog that you can click on and have play dead, in the case of the dog, or jump at you, in the case of the cat. Great site that made me want to see the movie more, which is what a site is supposed to do. And for that it wins the pilfered Weekly Website Award.

Laws of Attraction
Current Content: Cast and crew bios were added to the site, as were the production notes. These features were not marked coming soon, and neither are any other features. So there's no hint to what may or may not be added to the site before the movie opens at the end of next month.

Love's Brother
Current Content: There's no sound and what little animation there is, is limited to one section fading out and another section fading it. There is a lot of information about the movie, but the format is a little bare.

NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience
Current Content: While the site has some sound and motion, there's not a whole lot here. Nor is there a whole lot of content, but that's mostly due to the 'Edutainment' aspect of the film. (You don't have a lost of cast bios in documentaries.) There is information on IMAX technology as well as an Educator's Guide. Not being a professional teacher, I can't comment on how much education there can be in a film about NASCAR racing.

Ned Kelly
Current Content: Just a placeholder site with the trailer.

New York Minute
Current Content: There was a design change in the placeholder site, and accompanying this design change was the trailer.

The Prince and Me
Current Content: Last week when this site won the award, I mention how the background music only played through the song once. Turns out it wasn't supposed to, so now it loops. This is very important, because while the song is ten times longer than most clips, there is so much information on the site that the music would end before you read even a fraction of it. And speaking of which, the Production Notes were added this week, actually, they were added just after I published the story last week. This leaves just the video section, which will hopefully be added before the movie opens in three weeks.

Current Content: It's not on the site yet, but the trailer hit the net this week.

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Current Content: Four more games were added to the site leaving just the information on the soundtrack to be added. Oh yeah, and the information on the actual movie as well.

Secret Window
Current Content: This was another site that was either a very good placeholder or a average full site. With the movie opening tomorrow, I'll have to assume it’s a mediocre full site. The site has a lot of information but it is all presented in pop-up windows with little in the way of sounds and animation. Given the nature of the movie, I was expecting a little more atmosphere than that.

Current Content: The movie opens tomorrow but there were no changes since the Flash site first launched.

Current Content: When the site launched a month ago I though it was a prefect way to launch it. Since it was a massive site, launching it all at once would overwhelm the surfer. But by launching it with only a fraction of the final content they could compel the surfer to come back each week to check up on the updates. Unfortunately, they seem to be going with month updates and not weekly updates as I expected. Waiting a month between updates is a little long, and it's not like there wasn't enough features to do it on a weekly basis. This month we have two more sections added to the Infinite Perspective showcase and four more in the Transcending Morality showcase. Also added was another volume of the Image Gallery and all but the skins under Downloads.

United States of Leland
Current Content: The trailer was added to the placeholder site.

Walking Tall
Current Content: A lot more details were added to the event calendar.

Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself
Current Content: While the film opens in limited release this week, there were no changes from when the site first launched.

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