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Say Yes to a Limited Release

September 24th, 2004

Another week, another award season hopeful. The week also brings us a Hong Kong import, a documentary about identity correction and a movie that really should have opened wide, or not at all.

Infernal Affairs - Reviews
Being remade as The Departed, this Hong Kong cop thriller is an amazing ride. A lot of films from the Asian movie industry have been imported to the domestic scene, with mixed results. This film has the right plot and enough action to help transcend the language barrier, but don't expect Hero-like numbers. The film opens in five theatres in New York and Los Angeles.

The Last Shot - Reviews
This is not your typical limited release film. With an impressive cast and a populous feel, this is a film that should have opened wide. So the fact that it's only opening in 35 theatres leads me to believe that either the studio knows they have a dud on their hands, or they are going for a prestige release. The reviews suggest the former, unfortunately.

The Motorcycle Diaries - Reviews
A road trip movie based on the journals of Marxist revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara. During 1952, the then medical student traveled with his friend by motorcycle across South American, which turned out to be pivotal in developing his ethical and political mores. The film opens in three theatres tonight and should be a major player come award season.

Yes Men - Reviews
Yet another political documentary that has come out this year. This deals with the The Yes Men, two activists who set up a satire WTO site, which was so accurate that people believed it was the real deal. It wasn't long before they starting getting invited to speak on behalf of the WTO. And that's where the real fun begins.

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