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Matrix Finale Opens Worldwide Tonight

November 5th, 2003

Depending on whom you talk to, The Matrix Revolutions is either the most anticipated film of the year or number two behind Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. And earlier in the year box office analysts would have been predicting record-breaking box offices. But after the disappointing performance of The Matrix Reloaded, Revolutions' box office potential less clear. (It is worth noting that despite earning nearly $300 million domestically and nearly $750 million worldwide, The Matrix Reloaded was still considered a disappointment. This says more about the expectations put on the movie than about the quality of the movie itself.)

The unrealistic expectations and The Matrix Reloaded's inability to live up to them are also hurting The Matrix Revolutions critically. Currently, its reviews are only 38% positive, well below the 86% of The Matrix and 73% of The Matrix Reloaded. This backlash will no doubt affect the box office, but more in the long run. Look for The Matrix Revolutions to earn roughly $20 million tonight and to cross $100 million by Sunday.

The film also opens in 80 markets internationally, and should become only the second film to break $100 million internationally in a single weekend. The last film to do so was The Matrix Reloaded.

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