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Friday Estimates: No Grey Zone for Deadpool

February 13th, 2016


Sometimes a movie opens and it takes a while to figure out if it was a financial success or not. Deadpool is not one of those movies. Not only did its previews break a couple of records, it crushed a few more on Friday. Its opening day haul of $47.5 million is a new record for the biggest day in February, topping Fifty Shades of Grey by just over $10 million. It is also the biggest opening day for an R-rated film, topping The Maxtrix Reloaded for that record. It likely won’t have as strong legs as that film, despite its reviews, because the Fanboy Effect is strong with this movie. That said, the film cost just $58 million to make, so unless it cost more than that to advertise, it will break even just on its domestic box office.

How to be Single met expectations admirably with an opening day box office of $5.25 million. Its reviews are fine for a Romantic Comedy, and Valentine’s Day should boost its Sunday numbers significantly. Its four-day box office should be between $18 million and $20 million, which is perfectly in line with predictions.

On the other hand, Zoolander 2 is struggling. It did earn third place on Friday with $4.2 million, but it won’t stay in that position for long, as Kung Fu Panda 3 will likely overtake it on Saturday. Over the four-day weekend, the film will make about $15 million. This isn’t a terrible start for this time of year, but it won’t match the original, even if you ignore inflation.

One last opening of note was Where to Invade Next. Despite some weirdness in its release (it was originally scheduled for a December release, but its unnamed distributor pulled it and settle for an Oscar-qualifying run. Yes, its distributor doesn’t have a name. That’s weird.) it looks like the film will earn more than $1 million over the weekend. It is playing in 300 theaters, so its per theater average isn’t great, but good considering Michael Moore’s pneumonia meant they had to cancel the planned promotional tour.

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