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Weekend Wrap-Up: Zootopia Leads the Way with $37.16 million, while The Divergent Series Collapses

March 22nd, 2016


At the beginning of the month, it was widely accepted that The Divergent Series: Allegiant would open in first place. However, two things happened to prevent that. Firstly, Zootopia not only opened faster, but its legs were much longer. Secondly, Allegiant failed to match even lowered expectations. This left Zootopia with an easy first place win over the weekend. However, it wasn't the only pleasant surprise, as Miracles from Heaven opened faster than expected. The overall box office slipped 3.3% from last weekend to $131 million. It was also 0.3% lower than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2016 is still ahead of 2015 by an 8.4% margin at $2.33 billion to $2.15 billion.

Zootopia added $37.16 million over the weekend pushing its running tally to $200.93 million. It became just the second film released in 2016 to get to that milestone, while it has a real shot at $300 million overall. Combined with its international numbers so far, it has very likely already earned a profit.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant won't be as lucky. The film earned just $29.03 million during its opening weekend, which is even worse than lowered expectations. The film cost more than $100 million to make and its reviews suggest short legs. It's going to lose money, unless it is a surprising hit internationally, and its early numbers suggest that won't be likely.

Miracles from Heaven opened in third place with $14.81 million over the weekend for a five-day opening of $18.37 million. This is surprisingly strong for a faith-based film; although given the unpredictable nature of faith-based films, calling any result "surprising" is hardly accurate. The reviews are not good, but the audience reaction has been fantastic. Plus, it is Easter this weekend, so it should hold on very well at the box office.

10 Cloverfield Lane fell to fourth place with $12.51 million over the weekend for a ten-day total of $45.18 million. At this pace, the film should have no trouble getting to $70 million making it a solid midlevel hit on a low $5 million budget.

Deadpool remained in the top five for the sixth weekend in a row earning $8.01 million over the weekend for a running tally of $340.95 million. It will likely take a little more than a week to get to $350 million, depending on how many theaters the film loses to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Kapoor and Sons opened in 15th place with $986,000 in 143 theaters. I mention this, because this is miles ahead of The Bronze, which debuted in 25th place with $368,000 1,167 theaters. That's beyond terrible. It's so bad that the reviews don't matter, because theater owners will drop it the minute they are contractually able to.

Looking in on the sophomore class, The Perfect Match held on the best, but it was still down 54% to $1.97 million over the weekend for a total of $7.38 million after two weeks of release. Hopefully it didn't cost a lot to make. The Brothers Grimsby fell to just $1.42 million over the weekend for a total of $5.93 million after ten days of release. It needed to make $5.93 million during its opening day to have a shot at being a midlevel hit. The Young Messiah collapsed falling 67% to just $1.09 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $5.40 million. Unless it becomes an annual Easter tradition on TV, it will lose a lot of money.

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