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Theater Averages: Howard Ends up on Top with $11,920

August 30th, 2016

The Hollars

There was only one film in the $10,000 club this week and it was a re-release. Howards End pulled in nearly $24,000 in two theaters for an average of $11,920. The best true new release was The Hollars, which earned an average of $9.553 in four theaters.

The rest of the new limited releases included a couple of films that did well, but more that missed the Mendoza Line ($2,000/theater). Complete Unknown opened with an average of $7,075 in two theaters, while Fatima was close behind with $6,221 in its lone theater. Mia Madre was playing in six theaters earning an average of $5,683. Tunnel was playing in even more theaters, 36 to be exact, and it did respectively with an average of $4,792. Southside with You was the widest release of the week playing in 813 theaters. Given that, it did okay earning an average of $3,529. In Order of Disappearance struggled with an average of $2,604 in two theaters. Hands of Stone barely avoided the Mendoza Line with an average of $2,162, but it was playing in 810 theaters. Greater was not as lucky earning an average of $1,846 in 340 theaters. The Sea of Trees was well back with an average of $939 in two theaters. Remember the Goal was right behind with an average of $911 in 77 theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Hands of Stone earned more than $1 million over the weekend, so it obviously hit the $1 million milestone. It will get to $2 million and $3 million shortly, but $4 million might be out of the question.
  • Southside with You opened with more than $2 million and hit $3 million on Monday. It will have no trouble getting to $5 million, but $10 million is likely out of the question.
  • Captain Fantastic got to $5 million over the weekend. That’s as far as it will go.
  • Hell or High Water topped $4 million before the weekend and $5 million over the weekend. It will get to $10 million during the upcoming weekend.
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