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Theater Averages: Kedi is the Cat’s Meow earning $40,103

February 15th, 2017


Kedi became the first movie released in 2017 to hit the $40,000 mark on the per theater chart earning $40,103 in its lone theater. A United Kingdom was next with an average of $16,628 in four theaters. This is enough to suggest it will expand, but not enough to think it will earn a significant measure of mainstream success. The only other two films in the $10,000 club were the top two films on the overall weekend chart. The Lego Batman Movie earned an average of $12,966, putting it just ahead of Fifty Shades Darker, which earned an average of $12,563.

Duckweed was the best of the rest of the new limited releases, earning an average of $5,953 in 27 theaters. Land of Mine was next with an average of $4,585 in 3 theaters. Jolly LLB 2 had a solid opening average of $4,476 in 173 theaters. Finally, there’s 2017 Oscar Shorts, which was the widest limited release of the week earning an average of $3,361 in 206 theaters.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Paterson hit $1 million before the weekend and it has a shot at $2 million. It is not a sure thing, on the other hand.
  • I Am Not Your Negro got to $1 million before last weekend and could get to $2 million before this weekend.
  • Elle topped $2 million after three months of release.
  • The Handmaiden has been in theaters even longer, but it too hit $2 million over the weekend.
  • As expected, 20th Century Women reached $5 million over the weekend. It has lost a lot of theaters, so getting to $6 million might be out of reach.
  • Moonlight got to $20 million and with a couple of Oscar Nominations that could turn into wins, it has a shot at $25 million. A slim shot.
  • Lion made it all the way to $25 million before the weekend and $30 million during the weekend.
  • Manchester by the Sea topped $45 million over the weekend. If it does well on Oscar night, it could get to $50 million.
  • Another week, another milestone for La La Land. The film has pulled in $125 million and will continue to hit milestones for weeks to come.
  • Hidden Figures surpassed $130 million and maintains its lead as the biggest limited release hit of 2016.
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