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Friday Estimates: Coco Pulls In $6.28 million, but Disaster and Water Rule the Box Office

December 2nd, 2017


Coco beat expectations by a tiny margin on Friday, earning $6.28 million. This is 67% lower than its opening Friday, but its opening Friday was also a Holiday, so that’s to be expected. Look for $27 million over the full weekend, which is a little lower than Moana’s second weekend of release, but the gap between the two is closing. Given Coco’s reviews and its A+ from CinemaScore, it might start catching up by this time next week.

Justice League matched expectations nearly perfectly with $4.58 million on Friday, putting it on pace for $16 million over the weekend. It should hit $200 million by Tuesday.

Wonder earned $3.6 million on Friday, putting it on pace for $13 million over the weekend. It will get to $100 million domestically, but it will take until next weekend to get there.

Thor: Ragnarok was next with $2.69 million on Friday and might get to $10 million over the weekend. That’s not the important news. The important news is Disney hit $5 billion at the worldwide box office this weekend, making 2017 the third year in a row that it managed this figure. It is the only studio to get to this milestone three times in a row. There’s also rumors that Disney’s plan to buy Fox TV and Pictures is heating up again. Disney’s success could inflate the asking price, because Fox knows they can afford it.

Finally, we have some limited release news. The Disaster Artist could be a monster hit for A24, as it earned nearly $500,000 on Friday in just 19 theaters. That would have been a good start for the full weekend. Meanwhile, The Shape of Water had a better Friday average at $27,734, but it was only playing in 2 theaters, so I would say The Disaster Artist’s debut is more impressive. That said, both films have the potential to expand truly wide before the end of their box office runs.

Friday Box Office Chart

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