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Thursday Night Previews: Rampage Wrecks Previews with $2.4 million

April 13th, 2018


Rampage started its box office run with $2.4 million during its Thursday night previews. This is almost $2 million lower than A Quiet Place managed last weekend, but last weekend was also Easter weekend, so a lot of the target audience had Friday off. Even so, this isn’t quite where I was hoping it would land when I made my prediction yesterday. $35 million is still possible, but it would take strong legs to get there. Fortunately, its reviews have continued to improve and the film’s Tomatometer Score is now 53% positive. According to this metric, it is the best wide release based on a video game of all time. This actually makes some sense. The original video game was based on movies like King Kong or Godzilla, so it should be able to inspire at least a passable version of those films.

Truth or Dare managed $750,000, which is better than expected. However, the film’s reviews continue to drop and are now at just 17% positive. This could kill its word-of-mouth before Saturday starts. We will know more this time tomorrow when the Friday estimates are released.

There were no previews for the other two releases on this week’s list: Isle of Dogs and Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero.

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