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Connie Nielsen

Best known as an Actress based on credits in that role in 23 films, with $2,408,610,557 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #823)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Hippolyta (Wonder Woman), Queen Hippolyta (Justice League), Lucilla (Gladiator), Christine Renner (3 Days to Kill), Terri Fisher (Mission to Mars)
Most productive collaborators: Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Jason Fuchs, Chris Pine, Zack Snyder

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting8$877,002,374$1,113,408,451$1,990,410,825
Lead Ensemble Member2$1,009,433$1,868,818$2,878,251

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Wonder Woman

October 8th, 2017

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the fourth film in the DCEU and apparently it is one of the last. (Warner Bros. recently came out and said they would be focusing on individual stories and downplaying the overall continuity for a while. Smart move.) Wonder Woman broke a number of records during its box office run, including biggest box office hit for a female director, biggest super hero original movie, etc. and in the end, it was the biggest domestic hit of the summer. Did it deserve this success? Or was it only good compared to the previous installments in the DCEU? More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: 3 Days to Kill

May 18th, 2014

Kevin Costner practically stopped acting in movies after Swing Vote. After appearing in Man of Steel last summer, he has four films this year. Unfortunately, so far none of them have been box office hits. 3 Days to Kill, for instance, earned just over $30 million at the domestic box office. Is it truly a bad movie? Or was this more of a result of a bad release date? More...

2014 Preview: February

January 31st, 2014

Lego poster

After a weak start, January rebounded and a couple of films on last month's preview cracked $100 million at the box office. Granted, Lone Survivor is technically a December release, but Ride Along will become one of the rare January releases to reach the century mark. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be too many February releases that have a real shot at $100 million. It is very likely that The Lego Movie will reach that milestone, but most of the rest of the movies will be lucky if they reach $50 million. Last February was very similar. We had one surprise $100 million hit, Identity Thief, plus a couple of solid midlevel hits, Warm Bodies, for instance. However, for the most part, the month was one miss after another. This means 2014 could continue its winning ways, or at the very least, shouldn't fall behind 2013's pace. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
11/17/2017 Justice League Queen Hippolyta  $219,456,347 $414,500,000 $633,956,347
6/2/2017 Wonder Woman Hippolyta  $412,563,408 $404,449,407 $817,012,815
11/18/2016 Ali and Nino Duchess Kipiani  $0 $40,486 $40,486
8/7/2015 The Runner Deborah Pryce  $0 $20,106 $20,106
4/4/2014 The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden Baroness Eloise von Wagner  $247,159 $0 $247,159
3/21/2014 Nymphomaniac: Volume I Joe's Mother  $785,896 $1,218,818 $2,004,714
2/21/2014 3 Days to Kill Christine Renner  $30,697,999 $8,261,901 $38,959,900
2/10/2012 Perfect Sense Jenney  $1,567 $137,301 $138,868
9/19/2008 Battle in Seattle Jean Asbury  $223,537 $650,000 $873,537
2/2/2007 The Situation Anna Molyneux  $48,896 $0 $48,896
11/23/2005 The Ice Harvest Renata  $9,016,782 $1,140,186 $10,156,968
8/12/2005 The Great Raid Margaret  $10,166,502 $430,568 $10,597,070
5/6/2005 Brødre Sarah  $384,982 $0 $384,982
9/19/2003 Demonlover Diane de Monx  $231,756 $336,307 $568,063
3/28/2003 Basic Osborne  $26,599,248 $15,999,250 $42,598,498
3/14/2003 The Hunted Abby Durrell  $34,234,008 $12,979,087 $47,213,095
8/21/2002 One Hour Photo Nina Yorkin  $31,597,131 $20,626,175 $52,223,306
5/5/2000 Gladiator Lucilla  $187,683,805 $270,000,000 $457,683,805
3/10/2000 Mission to Mars Terri Fisher  $60,874,615 $45,125,385 $106,000,000
12/11/1998 Rushmore Mrs. Calloway  $17,105,219 $1,975,216 $19,080,435
10/23/1998 Soldier Sandra  $14,623,082 $0 $14,623,082
9/16/1998 Permanent Midnight Dagmar  $1,171,001 $0 $1,171,001
10/17/1997 Devil's Advocate Christabella  $61,007,424 $92,000,000 $153,007,424
Movies: 23Totals:$1,118,720,364$1,289,890,193$2,408,610,557