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Sung Kang

Best known as a Supporting Actor based on credits in that role in 10 films, with $3,749,234,565 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #165)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Han (Furious 7), Han (Fast and Furious 6), Han (Fast Five), Han (Fast & Furious), Raj (Live Free or Die Hard)
Most productive collaborators: Vin Diesel, Chris Morgan, Justin Lin, Neal H. Moritz, Jordana Brewster

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting10$1,136,511,047$2,612,723,518$3,749,234,565

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Furious 7

September 13th, 2015

Furious 7

Furious 7 is the latest in the Fast and the Furious franchise. The films started out okay, but critical reception fell quickly. It wasn't until Fast Five when the filmmakers realized they were making, in essence, live-action cartoons that they truly found their voices. This focus helped the box office, so much so that Furious 7 became just the third film to earn more than $1 billion internationally and just the fourth film to earn $1.5 billion worldwide. Is the quality up to the same level as its box office? The odds of that are nearly zero. However, is it at least as entertaining as its box office numbers would indicate? More...

2013 Preview: February

February 1st, 2013

For the most part, January was a really good month and 2013 got off to a really good start. I'm not so sure about February, on the other hand. There's only one film that has a statistically significant shot at $100 million, A Good Day to Die Hard, but I'm a little concerned that it won't live up to expectations. The franchise has been around a long time and it is possible that the target audience has either moved on or are too young to remember when these films were huge at the box office. The film I'm most looking forward to seeing is Warm Bodies, which is earning amazing early reviews (the keyword there is "early"), but it is too high-concept to be a major hit. Last February, there were a couple of films that topped $100 million, plus a few other midlevel hits. I would like to think that would also be the case this year, but I have to be more cautious than that. The evidence points to a weak month ahead, for the most part. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
12/31/2017 Code 8   $0 $0 $0
4/29/2016 Pali Road Mitch Kayne  $0 $0 $0
1/19/2016 Eden   $0 $0 $0
4/3/2015 Furious 7 Han  $351,032,910 $1,165,715,774 $1,516,748,684
2/27/2015 Ana Maria in Novela Land Korean Soap Star  $0 $0 $0
5/24/2013 Fast and Furious 6 Han  $238,679,850 $550,620,594 $789,300,444
2/1/2013 Bullet to the Head Taylor Kwon  $9,489,829 $13,108,140 $22,597,969
4/29/2011 Fast Five Han  $209,837,675 $420,132,129 $629,969,804
4/3/2009 Fast & Furious Han  $155,064,265 $208,000,000 $363,064,265
10/5/2007 Finishing the Game Colgate Kim  $52,850 $351 $53,201
8/24/2007 War Goi  $22,486,409 $18,200,000 $40,686,409
6/27/2007 Live Free or Die Hard Raj  $134,529,403 $247,758,744 $382,288,147
6/28/2006 The Motel Sam  $51,540 $0 $51,540
4/11/2003 Better Luck Tomorrow Han  $3,802,390 $6,836 $3,809,226
12/19/2002 Antwone Fisher Receptionist  $21,078,145 $2,289,441 $23,367,586
Movies: 15Totals:$1,146,105,266$2,625,832,009$3,771,937,275