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DVD Sales: A Colorful Couple Weeks on DVD

June 5th, 2012

After a major change on the back end of site, we have two weeks of home market numbers to get to, starting with the week ending on May 20th. New releases dominated the chart taking the top three spots and four of the top six. The Grey earned first place with 360,000 units / $6.12 million. This is a fine start given its theatrical run, but not an exceptional one. Chronicle was disappointing in second place with 262,000 units / $3.92 million. It made more than The Grey did theatrically, but significantly less on DVD, so it converted a lot fewer ticket buyers into purchases on the home market. One for the Money debuted in third place with 172,000 / $2.58 million. It struggled at the box office and it struggled during its home market debut. Underworld: Awakening fell to fourth place with 162,000 units / $2.88 million over the week giving it totals of 604,000 units / $10.39 million after two. The Vow plummeted from first to fifth with 152,000 units / $2.71 million for the week. After two weeks of release, it has sold 920,000 units and generated $15.76 million.

Rampart just missed the top five with 76,000 units / $755,000. This is a strong start for a limited release. The Devil Inside just missed the top ten with 58,000 units / $874,000. It did very well at the box office compared to most January releases, but it's bombed on the home market. I guess its reviews finally caught up with it. The final new release to chart was Hell on Wheels: Season One. The TV on DVD release took 17th place with 37,000 units / $679,000, which is strong for a cable show.

Moving onto the week of May 27th, which was also dominated by new releases. Red Tails earned first place with 485,000 units / $7.26 million. Its theatrical run was only mixed, but strong home market numbers could help the film recoup more of its production budget. This Means War was well back in second place with 297,000 units / $4.44 million. It also missed expectations at the box office and this start on the home market won't help it financially. The Woman in Black was disappointing in third place with 180,000 units / $3.06 million. It deserves better. Likewise, The Secret World of Arrietty deserved better, but its opening week DVD sales of 174,000 units / $3.13 million were at least good compared to its theatrical run. The Grey fell from first to fifth with 147,000 units / $2.49 million over the week for totals of 507,000 units / $8.60 million after two.

There were two other new releases to chart, both of which were TV on DVD releases. Sherlock: Season Two earned tenth place with 87,000 units / $1.73 million, which is great for an import. Meanwhile, Rizzoli & Isles: The Complete Second Season was right behind with 66,000 units / $1.77 million.


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