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Weekend Wrap-Up: Ocean’s 8 has Franchise Best Opening with $41.61 million

June 12th, 2018

Ocean’s 8

The weekend was very kind to Ocean’s 8, as it opened with $41.61 million. This is not only the top result this weekend, it is the best opening weekend in the franchise. Hereditary also opened on the high end of expectations, leaving just Hotel Artemis as the only disappointment of the weekend. Overall, the box office rose 13% from last weekend to $120 million. More importantly, this was 17% lower than the same weekend last year. That said, it could have been worse and 2018 still has a 5.1% / $250 million lead over 2017 at $5.11 billion to $4.86 billion.

Ocean’s 8 opened with $41.61 million over the weekend. This is the best opening in the Ocean’s Eleven franchise, and before anyone starts in with ticket price inflation, Ocean’s 8 also had the lowest production budget. On the other hand, it will very likely have the shortest legs. That’s not because it isn’t a good movie. Its reviews are 68% positive and it earned a B plus from CinemaScore, both of which are acceptable results. However, the market has changed in the past decade and even great films rarely have long legs anymore.

Solo: A Star Wars Story held on a little better than expected earning $15.75 million over the weekend for a three-week total of $176.70 million. Had the film not needed massive reshoots, this would have been enough to be profitable early in its home market run.

Deadpool 2 was right behind with $14.15 million over the weekend for a total of $279.16 million after four weeks of release. The film is already wildly profitable, so even if this is the film’s last weekend in the top five, the studio should be very happy.

Hereditary had A24’s best opening, so far, with $13.58 million. Its reviews are over 90% positive, but it only managed a D plus from CinemaScore. That’s weak, even compared to the average horror film. That said, it will very likely earn more than its combined budget domestically, so if it can do as well internationally, it will break even before it reaches the home market.

Infinity War rounded out the top five with $7.24 million for a total of $655.14 million after seven weeks of release. It is also in fifth place on the All-Time domestic chart, just ahead of Jurassic World.

Hotel Artemis missed the Mendoza Line by a significant margin, with $3.23 million in 2,407 theaters. Its reviews are mixed and it only managed a C minus with CinemaScore. Worse still, theater owners will be looking to drop it as soon as they are contractually able to.

Looking in on the sophomore class, there’s not a lot to be excited about. Adrift missed the top five with $5.27 million over the weekend for a two-week total of $21.96 million. A 55% decline is a lot for a film aimed at more mature women. Upgrade held on better down 49% to $2.38 million for a two-week total of $9.35 million. This isn’t a bad result for a film that opened in about 1,500 theaters. On the other hand, calling Action Point’s box office numbers, thus far, bad is an understatement. This weekend it fell 60% to just $952,000 for a two-week total of $4.52 million. It could have opened with that much and most people would have still called it a bomb.

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