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Michael Rooker

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 33 films, with $3,026,927,333 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #536)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Yondu Udonta (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2), Yondu Udonta (Guardians of the Galaxy), William Rice (Jumper), Capt. Howard Cheney (The Bone Collector), Hal Tucker (Cliffhanger)
Most productive collaborators: James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting12$835,934,960$1,057,110,563$1,893,045,523
Lead Ensemble Member2$391,921,468$473,800,000$865,721,468

2017 - Holiday Gift Guide - Part I - First-Run Releases and Franchise Box Sets

November 23rd, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

It's Thanksgiving weekend, which means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course the first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide. This week we will tackle first run releases, and normally franchise box sets as well, but this year none jump out as essential additions to the Holiday Gift guide. Worse still, 2017 has been awful at the box office with potential blockbuster after potential blockbuster getting savaged by critics and struggling at the box office. Additionally, some of the biggest and some of the best have been on the home market for nearly half a year, meaning nearly everyone who would want them, already own them. That doesn’t mean there are no films worth adding to this list, but the list is a little shorter than usual. On a side note, two of the films on this year’s list are from the MCU and it would have been three, but Thor: Ragnarok is still in theaters. If you know someone who loves the MCU, but has all of the movies, then check out this site, which has some more unique gift ideas. I specifically like the Spider-man Drone. More...

Featured Blu-ray and DVD Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

August 20th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was the second biggest hit of the summer and the third biggest hit of 2017 so far. It is also part of the MCU and there hasn’t been a truly bad movie in the MCU so far. Spoiler alert: This movie doesn’t break the winning streak. However, it could be a really good movie and still not live up to the original. Is that the case? Or can Vol 2 outshine the first installment? More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

December 8th, 2014

At the moment, Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest grossing film released in 2014. (Mockingjay, Part 1 still has a chance of catching it, depending on how well it does over Christmas). It is also one the the best-reviewed wide releases of 2014. As a fan of Marvel Comics in general and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular, I had very high hopes for this film. Was the buzz warranted? Or was this a case of too much hype? More...

Featured TV on DVD Review: Archer: Season Three

January 7th, 2013

I've reviewed the previous two seasons of Archer and quite frankly, I think it's one of the best animated shows on TV at the moment. Can season three live up to the first two seasons? Or will the show finally show signs of leveling off? More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
5/5/2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Yondu Udonta  $389,813,101 $473,800,000 $863,613,101
3/17/2017 The Belko Experiment Bud Melks  $10,166,820 $586,579 $10,753,399
8/1/2014 Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Udonta  $333,172,112 $437,879,223 $771,051,335
3/20/2009 Super Capers Judge  $30,955 $0 $30,955
2/14/2008 Jumper William Rice  $80,172,128 $142,468,684 $222,640,812
12/31/2007 Whisper   $0 $0 $0
3/31/2006 Slither Grant Grant  $7,802,450 $5,127,893 $12,930,343
3/31/2006 Slither Grant Grant  $7,802,450 $5,127,893 $12,930,343
8/23/2002 Undisputed Prison Guard  $12,398,628 $0 $12,398,628
11/17/2000 The 6th Day   $34,543,701 $61,481,197 $96,024,898
3/24/2000 Here on Earth Michael Arnold  $10,494,147 $350,980 $10,845,127
2/25/2000 Brown's Requiem Fritz Brown  $3,077 $0 $3,077
11/5/1999 The Bone Collector Capt. Howard Cheney  $66,488,090 $84,975,000 $151,463,090
2/6/1998 The Replacement Killers Stan Zedkov  $19,035,741 $0 $19,035,741
1/30/1998 Deceiver Kennesaw  $699,062 $0 $699,062
4/11/1997 Keys to Tulsa Keith Michaels  $57,252 $17,525 $74,777
2/21/1997 Rosewood Sheriff Walker  $13,104,494 $0 $13,104,494
1/31/1997 Meet Wally Sparks (uncredited)  $4,073,582 $0 $4,073,582
8/30/1996 The Trigger Effect Gary  $3,608,238 $0 $3,608,238
10/20/1995 Mallrats Mr. Jared Svenning  $2,108,367 $0 $2,108,367
12/25/1993 Tombstone Sherman McMasters  $56,505,065 $0 $56,505,065
5/28/1993 Cliffhanger Hal Tucker  $84,049,211 $170,950,789 $255,000,000
4/23/1993 The Dark Half Sheriff Alan Pangborn  $9,579,068 $0 $9,579,068
12/20/1991 JFK Bill Broussard  $70,405,498 $134,994,502 $205,400,000
6/27/1990 Days of Thunder Rowdy Burns  $82,670,733 $75,000,000 $157,670,733
1/5/1990 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Henry  $609,939 $0 $609,939
12/25/1989 Music Box Karchy Laszlo  $6,263,883 $0 $6,263,883
9/15/1989 Sea of Love Terry  $58,571,513 $0 $58,571,513
12/9/1988 Mississippi Burning Frank Bailey  $34,603,000 $0 $34,603,000
9/1/1988 Eight Men Out Chick Gandil  $5,680,515 $0 $5,680,515
4/8/1988 Above the Law Man in Bar  $18,869,631 $0 $18,869,631
1/1/1988 Rent-A-Cop Joe  $295,000 $0 $295,000
2/6/1987 Light of Day Oogie  $10,489,617 $0 $10,489,617
Movies: 33Totals:$1,434,167,068$1,592,760,265$3,026,927,333