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Bill Paxton

Best known as an Actor based on credits in that role in 53 films, with $5,491,203,843 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #167)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Brock Lovett (Titanic), Master Sergeant Farell (Edge of Tomorrow), Bill Harding (Twister), Earl (2 Guns), Fred Haise (Apollo 13)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Frailty (Director), Parkland (Producer), The Greatest Game Ever Played (Director)
Born: May 17th, 1955
Died: February 25th, 2017

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorSupporting21$1,901,923,303$2,791,038,016$4,692,961,319
Lead Ensemble Member2$10,443$0$10,443
In Technical RolesDirector2$28,441,737$6,973,809$35,415,546

Home Market Releases for April 25th, 2017

April 25th, 2017


We are entering the worst time of year for the home market. The number of Oscar contenders have nearly dried up and there are more bombs than box office hits. As for the best of the new releases, The Criterion Collection release for Tampopo is the best and the only real choice for Pick of the Week. Meanwhile, the Mean Dreams DVD earns Puck of the Week, for the best Canadian release of the week. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Can you Spot any Hits?

March 17th, 2017

T2: Trainspotting

Beauty and the Beast scared away most of the wide-release competition and there are not many limited releases either this weekend. T2: Trainspotting is by far the biggest in terms of buzz. We also have a few like Mean Dreams, which have good reviews, but are playing on VOD. Or foreign-language films like Frantz. More...

Featured Blu-ray Review: Aliens: 30th Anniversary

October 17th, 2016

Aliens: 30th Anniversary

The original Alien movie can be described as a haunted house movie set in space, only with an alien instead of a supernatural entity attacking the cast. Aliens, on the other hand, loses nearly all of its tension and instead goes for an action-oriented approach. Does it work? Oh hell yeah. This is one of the best films from the 1980s and it is a must have. Is this 30th Anniversary Blu-ray worth picking up if you have the box set? That’s an interesting question. More...

2014 Preview: October

September 30th, 2014

Fury poster

September is over and while it got off to a bad start, a really, really, truly terrible start, it actually ended on a bit of a strong note. Granted, no film has yet to reach $100 million, but The Maze Runner and The Equalizer both could get there in the end. As for October, we might go another month without a $100 million hit. There are a couple of films that have the potential to reach the century mark, Gone Girl and Fury. Hopefully they will get there, but given the recent box office woes, it is probably best to keep expectations low. Last October, there were two films that earned more than $100 million. Bad Grandpa just made it passed that mark. On the other hand, Gravity was a monster hit earning nearly $275 million. It you compare its run to this year's batch of films, it only ranks behind Guardians of the Galaxy. ... There's no way any film opening this month is going to match that. ... There no way the top two films will match that. ... The top three films might not match that. ... 2014 is going to get crushed in the year-over-year comparison and by the end of the month, it will be safe to say its chances of ever catching up to 2013 will be over. It is going to be a depressing month. More...

2014 Preview: June

June 1st, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction poster

It is too soon to tell how May will end, as this story will be published before the weekend estimates came out. (Maleficent had an excellent start on Friday, unlike A Million Ways to Die in the West.) Overall, it was a good month with at least three movies that are on track to hit $200 million, but there was no really big winner for the month. It was nice and balanced. Unfortunately, last May there was a monster hit, Iron Man 3, and 2014 could not compete with that, so it lost ground to 2013. June hopes to turn things around and there are some reasons to be optimistic. All four weeks there is at least one film opening that at least has a shot at $100 million. There are even two films that at least have a shot at $300 million. Transformers: Age of Extinction should win the monthly box office race while How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a long shot to win, but I wouldn't be completely surprised if it did. Additionally, 22 Jump Street, Edge of Tomorrow, The Fault in Our Stars, and Think Like a Man 2 are all contenders for the century club. Not all of them will get to that milestone, but all of them at least have a short. Last June, there were three films that reached $200 million, including Man of Steel, which nearly reached $300 million. It looks like June of 2014 will be about as strong as June of 2013, more or less. If all films reach their potential, it could win the year-over-year comparison. Unless there are some shocking bombs, it shouldn't struggle so much that 2014 loses its lead over 2013 entirely.


Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
4/28/2017 The Circle Mae’s Father  $20,497,844 $20,154,020 $40,651,864
10/21/2016 Mean Dreams Wayne  $0 $10,890 $10,890
4/29/2016 Term Life Detective Paxton  $21,256 $68,290 $89,546
6/5/2015 Pixies Eddie Beck  $0 $29,563 $29,563
10/31/2014 Nightcrawler Joe Loder  $32,381,218 $17,953,200 $50,334,418
6/6/2014 Edge of Tomorrow Master Sergeant Farell  $100,206,256 $270,335,000 $370,541,256
5/16/2014 Million Dollar Arm Tom House  $36,447,959 $2,769,953 $39,217,912
10/4/2013 Red Wing   $0 $0 $0
9/20/2013 The Colony Mason  $0 $0 $0
8/2/2013 2 Guns Earl  $75,612,460 $56,880,555 $132,493,015
2/15/2013 Shanghai Calling Donald  $10,443 $0 $10,443
1/20/2012 Haywire Mr. Kane  $18,942,396 $17,432,304 $36,374,700
4/28/2006 Haven Carl Ridley  $142,483 $0 $142,483
9/23/2005 Magnificent Desolation Edgar Mitchell  $34,126,126 $5,720,770 $39,846,896
7/30/2004 Thunderbirds Jeff Tracy  $6,768,055 $21,463,389 $28,231,444
2/27/2004 Club Dread Coconut Pete  $5,001,655 $2,571,896 $7,573,551
7/25/2003 Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over Dinky Winks  $111,760,631 $56,091,364 $167,851,995
9/20/2002 Apollo 13 (IMAX) Fred Haise  $1,759,075 $460,127 $2,219,202
8/7/2002 Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Theme Park Owner  $85,846,296 $33,875,000 $119,721,296
4/12/2002 Frailty Dad  $13,110,448 $6,836,832 $19,947,280
12/8/2000 Vertical Limit Elliot Vaughn  $68,473,360 $145,026,640 $213,500,000
4/21/2000 U-571 Captain Dahlgren  $77,086,030 $50,544,000 $127,630,030
12/25/1998 Mighty Joe Young Gregg O'Hara  $50,632,037 $0 $50,632,037
12/11/1998 A Simple Plan Hank Mitchell  $16,316,273 $0 $16,316,273
12/19/1997 Titanic Brock Lovett  $659,325,379 $1,548,943,366 $2,208,268,745
4/18/1997 Traveller Bokky  $500,649 $0 $500,649
12/25/1996 The Evening Star Jerry Bruckner  $12,767,815 $0 $12,767,815
5/10/1996 Twister Bill Harding  $241,688,385 $254,011,615 $495,700,000
4/5/1996 The Last Supper Zack  $459,749 $588,863 $1,048,612
6/30/1995 Apollo 13 Fred Haise  $172,070,496 $162,029,504 $334,100,000
7/15/1994 True Lies Simon  $146,282,411 $219,017,589 $365,300,000
12/25/1993 Tombstone Morgan Earp  $56,505,065 $0 $56,505,065
9/3/1993 Boxing Helena Ray O'Malley  $1,699,744 $0 $1,699,744
4/23/1993 Indian Summer Jack Belston  $14,717,851 $0 $14,717,851
12/25/1992 Trespass Vince  $13,747,138 $0 $13,747,138
1/1/1992 The Vagrant Graham Krakowski  $5,000 $0 $5,000
1/1/1991 One False Move Dale Dixon  $1,543,000 $0 $1,543,000
11/21/1990 Predator 2 Jerry Lambert  $28,317,513 $26,450,905 $54,768,418
7/20/1990 Navy SEALs Dane  $24,824,126 $0 $24,824,126
3/9/1990 The Last of the Finest Howard 'Hojo' Jones  $1,395,694 $0 $1,395,694
1/1/1990 Brain Dead Jim Reston  $1,627,955 $0 $1,627,955
10/20/1989 Next of Kin Gerald Gates  $15,942,628 $0 $15,942,628
1/1/1988 Pass the Ammo Jesse Wilkes  $169,785 $0 $169,785
10/2/1987 Near Dark Severen  $3,369,307 $0 $3,369,307
7/18/1986 Aliens Pvt. W. Hudson  $85,160,248 $98,156,207 $183,316,455
10/4/1985 Commando Intercept Officer  $35,073,978 $0 $35,073,978
8/2/1985 Weird Science Chet  $16,316,258 $0 $16,316,258
10/26/1984 The Terminator Punk Leader  $38,019,031 $40,000,000 $78,019,031
9/28/1984 Impulse Eddie  $2,766,716 $0 $2,766,716
6/1/1984 Streets of Fire Clyde the Bartender  $5,600,000 $0 $5,600,000
9/2/1983 Mortuary Paul Andrews  $1,722,738 $0 $1,722,738
2/18/1983 The Lords of Discipline Gilbreath  $11,721,041 $0 $11,721,041
6/26/1981 Stripes Soldier  $85,300,000 $0 $85,300,000
Movies: 53Totals:$2,433,782,001$3,057,421,842$5,491,203,843
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
10/4/2013 Parkland Producer $641,439 $536,709 $1,178,148
9/30/2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played Director $15,331,289 $136,977 $15,468,266
4/12/2002 Frailty Director $13,110,448 $6,836,832 $19,947,280
Movies: 3Totals:$29,083,176$7,510,518$36,593,694