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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
By A.arpi.a (A.arpi.a's picture) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Best known as a Leading Actress based on credits in that role in 42 films, with $2,208,690,388 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #90)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Norma Jean (Happy Feet), Devlin Adams (Just Go With It), Millicent Clyde (Paddington), Dr. Chase Meridian (Batman Forever), Sue (Lion)
Best-Known Technical Roles: Monte Carlo (Producer), Rabbit Hole (Producer), The Family Fang (Producer)
Most productive collaborators: Sydney Pollack, Baz Luhrmann, Hugh Jackman, Adam Sandler, Bob Weinstein
Born: June 20th, 1967 (50 years old)

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorLeading42$951,644,973$1,257,045,415$2,208,690,388
Lead Ensemble Member4$263,446,621$223,407,774$486,854,395
In Technical RolesProducer4$25,678,748$20,807,477$46,486,225

The Beguiled Trailer

June 8th, 2017

Historical thriller starring Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, and Elle Fanning, directed by Sofia Coppola opens June 23 ... Full Movie Details. More...

2016 - Awards Season - And the Oscar Goes to... La La Land Moonlight!

February 26th, 2017


It’s Oscar night and we were live blogging the show. Read on the the highlights of what turned out to be a crazy night. More...

2016 - Awards Season: Oscars - Nominations - Final Look

February 26th, 2017

La La Land

It’s Oscar night and we will be live blogging the show. Before that, let’s take a last look at the nominations with a few annotations. Nominees in italics are those that have received the most votes from our readers so far in our Oscar contest (which is open to new entries until noon, Pacific, today—enter now!). Bold films are those films I think will win. Meanwhile, those that are Underlined are those I want to win. Not all categories have underlined nominees, because not all categories have someone I’m cheering for, or because there are two nominees I couldn’t pick between. More...

2016 Awards Season: Oscar Highlight: Best Supporting Actress

February 15th, 2017


With our annual Oscar Prediction contest underway, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try and figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. Today we look at the Supporting Roles categories, starting with Best Supporting Actress. In this category, we have one overwhelming favorite, a long shot with a shot, and then everyone else. More...

2016 Awards Season: Oscar Nominations

January 24th, 2017

La La Land

The Oscar nominations were announced starting at 5:18 am Pacific time. Nothing is good that early in the morning. Worse still, it’s a boring year for nominations with very few surprises worth talking about, especially in the biggest categories. Leading the way was La La Land with 14 nominations, tying the record. More...

2016 - Awards Season: BAFTA - Nominations

January 11th, 2017

La La Land

The BAFTA nominations were announced and it should come as no surprise what film lead the way... La La Land with 11 nominations, Nocturnal Animals and Arrival are tied for second with nine nominations a piece. More...

2016 - Awards Season: SAG - Nominations

December 14th, 2016

Manchester by the Sea

The Screen Actors Guild were the third group to announce their nominations for this awards season. So far there have been three different films earning the most nominations. This could mean the Oscar race will be a lot closer than in past years. This time around Manchester by the Sea led the way with four nominations. More...

2016 - Awards Season: Golden Globes - Nominations

December 12th, 2016

La La Land

The Golden Globes nominations were announced and we are starting to see a few names pop up over and over again. La La Land led the way with seven nominations, but Moonlight was right behind with six and Manchester by the Sea earned five. You will be hearing those three names over and over and over again this Awards Season. More...

Home Market Releases for July 5th, 2016

July 4th, 2016

The Mermaid

It's a strange week on the home market, as there are no first-run releases and very few other releases to make up the difference. There are some contenders for Pick of the Week, but all of them are foreign-language films, which is again odd. In fact, two of them, Only Yesterday and The Boy and the World, are animated. However, in the end, I went with The Mermaid, which deserves to be seen by more and Blu-ray is a great way to see it. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: What Films to see on Our Holiday

July 10th, 2015

What We Did on Our Holiday

Very few movies on this week's list have a real shot at box office success. Stations of the Cross and Tangerine are both earning amazing reviews, but both are niche market releases. Many movies are also earning good reviews, like What We Did on Our Holiday, but are playing on VOD, so they likely won't find audiences in theaters. More...

2015 Preview: January

January 1st, 2015

Taken 3 poster

2014 is over and for the most part, December was a soft ending to a weak year. This is bad news for two reasons. Firstly, it means the overall box office is still soft and it is unlikely that January will start strong. Secondly, last January was a great month, thanks in part to Frozen and other holdovers. The slump can't last forever and Taken 3 should help 2015 get off to a reasonably fast start and it even has a shot at $100 million. American Sniper got off to a really fast start in limited release, so it too could be a hit when it expands wide. By comparison, last January was led by Ride Along, but there were only two other films that didn't completely bomb. I want to say 2015 will start out on a winning note, but given the box office losing streak, it will likely pay to be pessimistic. More...

Awards Season: Lincoln Shows a United Front at the Golden Globes

December 13th, 2012

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominations and the same list of films that have been mentioned since the beginning of Awards Season were rewarded today. Lincoln led the way with seven nods, while Argo and Django Unchained were close behind with five. More...

2013 Awards Season: SAG Focuses a Searchlight on Silver Linings

December 12th, 2012

SAG nominations were announced and there were only a few surprises to deal with. Leading the way for total nominations was The Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, and Les Miserables, all of which earned nominations in four of the six categories. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
12/31/2018 Destroyer Erin Bell  $0 $0 $0
12/21/2018 Aquaman Atlanna  $0 $0 $0
9/28/2018 Boy Erased Nancy  $0 $0 $0
3/9/2018 The Upside   $0 $0 $0
12/31/2017 The Silent Wife Jodi  $0 $0 $0
12/31/2017 She Came to Me   $0 $0 $0
6/23/2017 The Beguiled Martha Farnsworth  $10,576,669 $17,213,005 $27,789,674
4/14/2017 Queen of the Desert Gertrude Bell  $0 $1,480,089 $1,480,089
12/31/2016 How to Talk to Girls a Parties   $0 $0 $0
11/25/2016 Lion Sue  $51,728,731 $93,973,349 $145,702,080
6/10/2016 Genius Aline Bernstein  $1,361,045 $4,292,131 $5,653,176
4/29/2016 The Family Fang Annie Fang  $262,921 $331,501 $594,422
12/1/2015 Grace of Monaco Grace Kelly  $0 $25,199,891 $25,199,891
11/20/2015 Secret in Their Eyes Claire  $20,180,155 $10,628,403 $30,808,558
7/10/2015 Strangerland Catherine  $17,472 $143,625 $161,097
1/16/2015 Paddington Millicent Clyde  $76,223,578 $183,317,852 $259,541,430
10/31/2014 Before I Go to Sleep Christine Lucas  $3,242,457 $16,321,122 $19,563,579
4/11/2014 The Railway Man Patti Lomax  $4,438,438 $19,471,772 $23,910,210
4/2/2013 Hemingway & Gellhorn Martha Gellhorn  $0 $0 $0
3/1/2013 Stoker Evelyn Stoker  $1,703,125 $10,331,788 $12,034,913
10/5/2012 The Paperboy Charlotte Bless  $677,200 $2,844,953 $3,522,153
12/31/2011 Need   $0 $0 $0
10/14/2011 Trespass Sarah Miller  $16,816 $769,716 $786,532
2/11/2011 Just Go With It Devlin Adams  $103,028,109 $111,946,844 $214,974,953
12/17/2010 Rabbit Hole Becca  $2,229,058 $3,975,976 $6,205,034
12/31/2009 Wasington   $0 $0 $0
12/18/2009 Nine Claudia  $19,676,965 $33,831,893 $53,508,858
11/26/2008 Australia Lady Sarah Ashley  $49,554,002 $165,526,808 $215,080,810
12/7/2007 The Golden Compass Mrs. Coulter  $70,107,728 $297,154,830 $367,262,558
11/16/2007 Margot at the Wedding Margot  $1,958,977 $408,798 $2,367,775
8/17/2007 The Invasion Carol Bennell  $15,074,191 $25,072,851 $40,147,042
5/23/2007 I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life … Narrator  $105,930 $0 $105,930
1/12/2007 God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of Lo… Narrator  $301,447 $0 $301,447
11/17/2006 Happy Feet Norma Jean  $198,000,317 $187,000,000 $385,000,317
11/10/2006 FUR: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane A… Diane Arbus  $223,202 $2,057,887 $2,281,089
6/24/2005 Bewitched Isabel Bigelow/Samantha   $63,313,159 $67,846,147 $131,159,306
4/22/2005 The Interpreter Silvia Broome  $72,708,161 $90,045,676 $162,753,837
10/29/2004 Birth Anna  $5,005,899 $9,597,102 $14,603,001
6/11/2004 The Stepford Wives Joanna Eberhart  $59,475,623 $36,746,348 $96,221,971
3/26/2004 Dogville Grace  $1,530,386 $13,321,268 $14,851,654
12/25/2003 Cold Mountain Ada Monroe  $95,632,614 $69,541,295 $165,173,909
10/31/2003 The Human Stain Faunia Farley  $5,381,227 $13,998,160 $19,379,387
12/27/2002 The Hours Virginia Woolf  $41,675,994 $55,354,474 $97,030,468
3/29/2002 Panic Room Stephen's girlfriend on the phone  $95,308,367 $101,000,000 $196,308,367
2/1/2002 Birthday Girl Nadia/Sofia  $4,919,896 $3,210,831 $8,130,727
8/10/2001 The Others Grace  $96,522,687 $111,242,369 $207,765,056
5/18/2001 Moulin Rouge Satine  $57,386,369 $121,823,316 $179,209,685
7/16/1999 Eyes Wide Shut Alice Harford  $55,691,208 $48,576,235 $104,267,443
10/16/1998 Practical Magic Gillian Owens  $46,850,558 $21,486,439 $68,336,997
3/6/1998 The Leading Man Academy Awards Presenter  $5,000 $0 $5,000
9/26/1997 The Peacemaker Julia Kelly  $41,263,140 $21,704,228 $62,967,368
12/24/1996 The Portrait of a Lady Isabel Archer  $3,698,012 $0 $3,698,012
9/27/1995 To Die For Suzanne Stone Maretto  $21,284,514 $6,404,230 $27,688,744
6/16/1995 Batman Forever Dr. Chase Meridian  $184,031,112 $152,498,032 $336,529,144
11/12/1993 My Life Gail Jones  $27,484,464 $0 $27,484,464
10/1/1993 Malice Tracy Safian  $46,038,636 $0 $46,038,636
11/14/1992 Flirting Nicola Radcliffe  $2,415,396 $0 $2,415,396
5/22/1992 Far and Away Shannon   $58,883,840 $0 $58,883,840
11/1/1991 Billy Bathgate Drew Preston  $15,565,363 $0 $15,565,363
6/27/1990 Days of Thunder Dr. Claire Lewicki  $82,670,733 $75,000,000 $157,670,733
4/7/1989 Dead Calm Rae Ingram  $7,032,915 $0 $7,032,915
Movies: 61Totals:$1,822,463,806$2,232,691,234$4,055,155,040
Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
12/31/2017 The Silent Wife Producer $0 $0 $0
4/29/2016 The Family Fang Producer $262,921 $331,501 $594,422
7/1/2011 Monte Carlo Producer $23,186,769 $16,500,000 $39,686,769
12/17/2010 Rabbit Hole Producer $2,229,058 $3,975,976 $6,205,034
Movies: 4Totals:$25,678,748$20,807,477$46,486,225