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Rachel Weisz

Best known as a Leading Actress based on credits in that role in 17 films, with $1,452,299,300 worldwide aggregate box office (rank #144)
Best-Known Acting Roles: Evanora (Oz the Great and Powerful), Evelyn 'Evie' Carnahan O'Connell (The Mummy Returns), Dr. Marta Shearing (The Bourne Legacy), Evelyn (The Mummy), Wanda (Fred Claus)
Most productive collaborators: James Franco, Sam Raimi, Mila Kunis, Michell Kapner, David Lindsay-Abaire

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Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
As an ActorLeading17$598,054,935$854,244,365$1,452,299,300
Lead Ensemble Member3$237,574,635$280,960,712$518,535,347

Home Market Releases for August 29th, 2017

August 29th, 2017

My Cousin Rachel

It’s one of those weeks that are deceptively busy. The biggest new release of the week is Wonder Woman, but it is only coming out on Video on Demand. The biggest overall release is the The Lion King franchise on separate Blu-ray releases, but it’s at least a double-dip on Blu-ray. I think a triple-dip on Blu-ray. If it weren’t for these circumstances, they would be clear Pick of the Week contenders. Without those two movies, the next best is... My Cousin Rachel on Blu-ray. Its reviews are not quite Pick of the Week level, but it is the best of what we've got. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Dinner and a Movie

June 9th, 2017

My Cousin Rachel

It is not a particularly busy week as far as limited releases are concerned. However, there are a few that have a shot at earning some mainstream success: Beatriz at Dinner, I, Daniel Blake, and My Cousin Rachel. There’s a chance none of them will do well this weekend, but hopefully they can all find an audience. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Don’t be in Denial

September 30th, 2016


There are more than a few films on this week’s list that were made to win Oscars. Of these, Sand Storm is the best. However, Denial has the biggest box office potential. More...

Limited and VOD Releases: Stone Cold Releases

August 26th, 2016

Southside with You

While there are a lot of films on this week’s list, none of them look like they will be box office hits. Southside with You is one of the best releases this week, but it is playing in over 800 theaters, which is likely too many. There are a number of other films that are worth seeing, like Floyd Norman: An Animated Life, but most of them are playing on Video on Demand, so their box office chances are nearly zero. More...

2013 Preview: March

March 1st, 2013

February is over, and for the most part, we should be very happy it is done and buried. The biggest hit of the month turned out to be Identity Thief, which will cross $100 million shortly. There were also a couple of impressive midlevel hits, like Warm Bodies and Escape from Planet Earth, but for the most part, it was miss after miss. This is bad news for March, which is not only dealing with a slumping 2013 box office, but will be compared with a strong March of 2012. Last March started with The Lorax, which earned more than $200 million. There's a good chance no March release this year will reach this milestone. Last March was also the month The Hunger Games opened, which earned more than $400 million. There's a chance the top three films opening this month won't earn that much combined. 2013 is going to take a beating in the year-over-year comparison and it is already $100 million behind last year's pace. More...

Awards Season: Lincoln Shows a United Front at the Golden Globes

December 13th, 2012

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominations and the same list of films that have been mentioned since the beginning of Awards Season were rewarded today. Lincoln led the way with seven nods, while Argo and Django Unchained were close behind with five. More...

Box Office
Box Office
Box Office
6/9/2017 My Cousin Rachel Rachel  $2,716,368 $5,783,436 $8,499,804
12/31/2016 Disobedience   $0 $0 $0
9/30/2016 Denial Deborah Lipstadt  $4,073,448 $2,935,979 $7,009,427
9/2/2016 The Light Between Oceans Hannah Roenfeldt  $12,545,979 $6,904,801 $19,450,780
8/26/2016 Complete Unknown Jenny/Alice  $187,145 $0 $187,145
3/25/2016 The Lobster Short Sighted Woman  $9,196,278 $8,857,636 $18,053,914
12/4/2015 Youth Lena  $2,703,296 $21,331,749 $24,035,045
12/31/2014 Idol's Eye   $0 $0 $0
3/8/2013 Oz the Great and Powerful Evanora  $234,770,996 $255,588,055 $490,359,051
8/10/2012 The Bourne Legacy Dr. Marta Shearing  $113,203,870 $167,152,050 $280,355,920
8/3/2012 360 Rose  $100,343 $4,040,908 $4,141,251
3/23/2012 The Deep Blue Sea Hester Collyer  $1,126,027 $2,698,430 $3,824,457
9/30/2011 Dream House Libby  $21,302,340 $20,339,826 $41,642,166
8/5/2011 The Whistleblower Kathryn Bolkovac  $1,120,914 $1,082,740 $2,203,654
12/31/2010 Dirt Music   $0 $0 $0
5/28/2010 Agora Hypatia  $619,423 $38,372,869 $38,992,292
12/11/2009 The Lovely Bones Abigail Salmon  $44,114,232 $50,780,216 $94,894,448
5/15/2009 The Brothers Bloom Penelope  $3,531,756 $2,000,000 $5,531,756
4/4/2008 My Blueberry Nights Sue Lynne  $866,778 $21,332,218 $22,198,996
2/14/2008 Definitely, Maybe Summer Hartley  $32,241,649 $23,376,217 $55,617,866
11/9/2007 Fred Claus Wanda  $72,006,777 $25,830,861 $97,837,638
12/15/2006 Eragon Saphira  $75,030,163 $174,457,952 $249,488,115
11/22/2006 The Fountain Queen Isabella, Izzy Creo  $10,144,010 $5,317,628 $15,461,638
8/31/2005 The Constant Gardener Tessa Quayle  $33,579,798 $52,721,801 $86,301,599
2/18/2005 Constantine Angela  $75,976,178 $145,618,733 $221,594,911
4/30/2004 Envy Debbie Dingman  $13,548,322 $1,017,924 $14,566,246
10/17/2003 Runaway Jury Marlee  $49,440,996 $17,897,223 $67,338,219
5/9/2003 The Shape of Things Evelyn  $732,241 $326,099 $1,058,340
4/25/2003 Confidence Lily  $12,212,417 $0 $12,212,417
5/17/2002 About a Boy Rachel  $40,803,000 $89,956,651 $130,759,651
5/4/2001 The Mummy Returns Evelyn 'Evie' Carnahan O'Connell  $202,007,640 $233,032,755 $435,040,395
4/6/2001 Beautiful Creatures Petula Peploe  $55,381 $412,666 $468,047
3/16/2001 Enemy at the Gates Tania  $51,396,781 $45,574,512 $96,971,293
12/17/1999 Sunshine Greta  $5,095,981 $0 $5,095,981
5/7/1999 The Mummy Evelyn  $155,385,488 $261,000,000 $416,385,488
6/12/1998 The Land Girls Ag (Agapanthus)  $146,083 $0 $146,083
1/23/1998 Swept From The Sea Amy Foster  $283,081 $0 $283,081
11/26/1997 Bent Prostitute  $405,409 $0 $405,409
9/19/1997 Going All the Way Marty Pilcher  $86,175 $0 $86,175
8/2/1996 Chain Reaction Dr. Lily Sinclair  $21,226,204 $38,983,130 $60,209,334
6/14/1996 Stealing Beauty Miranda Fox  $4,573,330 $0 $4,573,330
Movies: 41Totals:$1,308,556,297$1,724,725,065$3,033,281,362