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Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $100,492,203Details
International Box Office $131,524,199
Worldwide Box Office $232,016,402
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Movie Details

Production Budget:$30,000,000
Domestic Releases: December 15th, 2004 (Limited) by Warner Bros.
January 21st, 2005 (Expands Wide) by Warner Bros.
Video Release: July 12th, 2005 by Warner Home Video
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, some disturbing images, thematic material and language.
Running Time: 132 minutes
Comparisons: vs. Southpaw
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Keywords: Boxing
Source:Based on Fiction Book/Short Story
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Production Companies: Warner Bros.
Production Countries: United States

Ranking on other Records and Milestones

Days In
Biggest 25th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 284 $26,834 Jun 3, 2005 173
Biggest 24th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 251 $49,447 May 27, 2005 166
Biggest 23rd Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 226 $80,427 May 20, 2005 159
Biggest 22nd Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 167 $188,348 May 13, 2005 152
Fastest Movies to Earn $100 Million at the Domestic Box Office 616 $100,156,381 May 13, 2005 152
Biggest 21st Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 156 $260,338 May 6, 2005 145
Biggest 20th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 252 $174,793 Apr 29, 2005 138
Biggest 19th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 191 $309,289 Apr 22, 2005 131
Biggest 18th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 128 $628,184 Apr 15, 2005 124
Biggest 17th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 143 $702,019 Apr 8, 2005 117
Biggest 16th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 78 $1,466,429 Apr 1, 2005 110
Biggest 15th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 45 $2,587,313 Mar 25, 2005 103
Biggest 14th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 23 $4,021,437 Mar 18, 2005 96
Biggest 13th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 18 $5,153,356 Mar 11, 2005 89
Biggest 12th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 3 $8,135,421 Mar 4, 2005 82
Biggest 11th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 13 $7,344,390 Feb 25, 2005 75
Biggest 10th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 20 $6,810,065 Feb 18, 2005 68
Fastest Movies to Earn $50 Million at the Domestic Box Office 1,383 $52,122,635 Feb 18, 2005 67
Biggest 9th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 16 $7,447,212 Feb 11, 2005 61
Biggest 8th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 18 $8,515,365 Feb 4, 2005 54
Biggest 7th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 11 $12,265,482 Jan 28, 2005 47
Biggest January Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 220 $12,265,482 Jan 28, 2005 47
Biggest January Day at the Domestic Box Office 464 $5,413,904 Jan 29, 2005 46
Biggest Saturday at the Domestic Box Office 2,321 $5,413,904 Jan 29, 2005 46
Biggest 6th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 1,187 $1,652,078 Jan 21, 2005 40
Biggest 5th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 1,590 $1,813,881 Jan 14, 2005 33
Biggest 4th Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 2,216 $1,920,418 Jan 7, 2005 26
Biggest 3rd Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 4,601 $271,472 Dec 31, 2004 19
Biggest 2nd Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 5,204 $189,597 Dec 24, 2004 12
Biggest Opening Weekend at the Domestic Box Office 5,600 $179,953 Dec 17, 2004 5


   Frankie Dunn
   Maggie Fitzgerald
   Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris
Anthony Mackie    Shawrelle Berry
Jay Baruchel    Danger Barch
Mike Colter    Big Willie Little
Lucia Rijker    Billie 'The Blue Bear'
Brian O'Byrne    Father Horvak
Margo Martindale    Earline Fitzgerald
Riki Lindhome    Mardell Fitzgerald
Michael Peña    Omar
Benito Martinez    Billie's Manager
Bruce MacVittie    Mickey Mack
David Powledge    Counterman at Diner
Joe d'Angerio    Cut Man
Marcus Chait    J.D. Fitzgerald
Tom McCleister    Lawyer
Erica Grant    Nurse
Naveen Naveen    Pakistani
Morgan Eastwood    Little Girl in Truck
Jamison Yang    Paramedic
Dean Familton    Ref
Dr. Louis Moret    Ref
V.J. Foster    Ref
Jon D. Schorle II    Ref
Marty Sammon    Ref
Steven M. Porter    Ref
Ray Corona    Ref
Ming Lo    Rehab Doctor
Miguel Perez    Restaurant Owner
Jim Cantafio    Ring Doctor
Ted Grossman    Ring Doctor
Ned Eisenberg    Sally Mendoza
Marco Rodriguez    Second (at Vegas Fight)
Roy Nugent    Fan in Vegas
Don Familton    Ring Announcer
Mark Thomason    Radio Commentator
Brian T. Finney    Irish Fan
Spice Williams-Crosby    Irish Fan
Kim Strauss    Irish Fan
Rob Maron    Irish Fan
Kirsten Berman    Irish Fan
Susan Krebs    Rehab Nurse
Sunshine Chantal Parkman    Rehab Nurse
Kim Dannenberg    Rehab Nurse
Eddie Bates    Rehab Resident

Production and Technical Credits

Screenwriter    Paul Haggis
Story Creator    F.X. Toole
Producer    Clint Eastwood
Producer    Albert S. Ruddy
Producer    Tom Rosenberg
Producer    Paul Haggis
Executive Producer    Gary Lucchesi
Executive Producer    Robert Lorenz
Production Designer    Henry Bumstead
Editor    Joel Cox
Composer    Clint Eastwood
Director of Photography    Tom Stern
Co-Producer    Bobby Moresco
Assistant Director    Robert Lorenz
Unit Production Manager    Tim Moore
Art Director    Jack G. Taylor, Jr
Set Decorator    Richard C. Goddard
Costume Designer    Deborah Hopper
Costume Supervisor    Lynda Foote
Sound Mixer    Walt Martin
Re-recording Mixer    Christopher Boyes
Re-recording Mixer    Michael Semanick
Re-recording Mixer    Tom Johnson
Supervising Sound Editor    Alan Robert Murray
Supervising Sound Editor    Bub Asman
Sound Effects Editor    Jason King
Sound Effects Editor    Bruce Lacey
Sound Effects Editor    Dave Grimaldi
Sound Effects Editor    Chuck Michael
Sound Effects Editor    Steve Mann
Dialogue Editor    Lucy Coldsnow
Dialogue Editor    Gloria D'Alessandro
Dialogue Editor    Karen Spangenberg
Dialogue Editor    Carin Rogers
Music Editor    Donald Harris
Make up    Tania McComas
Hairstylist    Carol A. O'Connell
Casting Director    Phyllis Huffman
Stunt Coordinator    Buddy Van Horn

DVD Releases for November 14, 2006

November 14th, 2006

With Thanksgivings just around the corner, there are a lot of releases coming out this week. You see, every time this year there's a media report that the day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. However, this is not true. Christmas Eve is actually the biggest shopping day of the year (talk about last minute gifts). Even so, Thanksgiving is still a massively important time of the year and there's no surprise that studios are trying to get out as many gift ideas as possible just in time for the holiday rush. With that in mind, there are several full series sets coming out this week, including DVD Pick of the Week contender Get Smart - The Complete Series - Buy Direct. However, when it comes to the winner, there's really only one choice and that is Looney Tunes - Golden Collection - Volume Four - Buy from Amazon. More...

Who Stays on Top Because New Releases Can't Compete

August 20th, 2005

Guess Who was able to repeat as the champion on the home market thanks in part to the weak competition, but also due to the miniscule 8% drop-off from its opening week numbers. The film earned $8.01 million in DVD rentals, $630,000 in VHS rentals for a combined total of $8.64 million this week, which lifted its two-week total to $18.23 million. More...

Constantine Continues on Top

August 6th, 2005

Despite two new openers in the top five, Constatine remained the best on the rental market with $6.76 million in DVD rentals and $620,000 in VHS rentals. Its combined total of $7.38 million was 27% lower than last week, but it wasn't the worst drop-off in the top five. More...

Constantine has Commanding Lead as Holdovers Wilt

July 30th, 2005

Constatine captured top spot on the home market taking first place on the DVD rentals, ($9.23 million); VHS rentals, ($930,000); and DVD sales, (no numbers announced.) And while the film's combined rentals of $10.17 million was a strong performance, the rest of the top five weren't so lucky. More...

Charlie Appeals to the Sweet-tooth in its International Debut

July 24th, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opened in three French speaking markets over the weekend and while it didn't finish first, it still had a great start. In France the film earned $3,741,793 in 670 theaters for the best per theater average in the top ten. The result was similar in Belgium ($250,000) and Switzerland ($190,000), giving the film $4.2 million for the weekend. More...

Baby Scores a Knockout Punch

July 23rd, 2005

To call Million Dollar Baby's debut on the home market a knockout is very apt. Perhaps too apt. Not only did the film easily win the week with $12.42 million in combined rentals, every other film in the top five saw serious drop-offs, sending the overall market sharply downwards. More...

DVD Releases for July 12, 2005

July 11th, 2005

Every week films get a second chance at success from the home market; or, in some cases, a first chance at success. Here is a list of wide releases, limited releases, classics and a few from the growing TV on DVD section. We finally have a big box office hit as the best DVD release of the week with Million Dollar Baby - Delux Edition with Soundtrack being the clear favorite. But that doesn't mean there are no TV on DVD releases worth picking up as both Titus - Seasons 1 & 2 - Buy from Amazon and Sealab 2021 - Season 3 - Buy from Amazon and included on the list DVD pick of the week releases. On the flip side, there are a dozen films on this week's list that range from really bad to atrociously bad. It's like the stars have aligned and unspeakable cinematic horrors from another dimension are flooding in. That might be a tad overly dramatic, but I can't recall a time when there were more really bad movies being released in one week. More...

Competition Crumbles under Alien Invasion

July 10th, 2005

With the last of this summer's worldwide releases opening last weekend, the international details are once again dominated by smaller films. And to compound matters, most of those are only making noise in one of two markets. However, over the next few weeks there are plenty of big films opening in big markets and the International Details column should start showing signs of life soon. More...

Slump Spreads Internationally

June 26th, 2005

The international box office is suffering even more than the domestic box office is. In Germany the first six months of 2005 are down 14% compared to the same period in 2004 and Australia also saw double digit decline slipping by 12%. In Spain the total box office is down 8% and it was little better in France at 6%. The U.K. also fell, but at a much more reasonably 1.9%. More...

Corrected - Ruling the International Box Office

June 19th, 2005

Just when the International Details column was getting back to normal we have another film dominating the international scene. Mr. and Mrs. Smith led in nearly every major / midlevel market and those it didn't were mostly owned by Revenge of the Sith. Because of that there isn't as much news to tell as usual, and with Batman Begins opening worldwide this weekend and in two weeks, War of the Worlds doing the same, this trend will last until mid-July at the earliest. More...

The Largest Yard

June 12th, 2005

The Longest Yard opened in second place in Australia with $2.5 million. On the other hand, the film could only manage $750,000 on 260 screens in Mexico, not surprising since Adam Sandler has never been a big draw internationally, especially outside English speaking markets. More...

Late Figures Change Top Five

June 5th, 2005

It was a slightly busier weekend as several studios were brave enough, or foolhardy enough to try and sandwich their film between the worldwide release of Revenge of the Sith and Batman Begins, which debuts in just 10 days. With War of the Worlds' worldwide release just two weeks after that, there's very little room for smaller films to survive. More...

Sith Steal the Show

May 29th, 2005

Revenge of the Sith dominated nearly every market it opened in and in most of them it was the only new film in the top ten. Because of this there's almost no international details to report and those details that are available are single market releases. More...

Calm Before the Storm

May 22nd, 2005

It was another slow weekend for international details as few studios were brave enough, or foolish enough to try and squeeze in a release between Kingdom of Heaven and Revenge of the Sith. It was hard to find many films that earned more than $1 million over the weekend and most of the activity came from smaller releases in midlevel markets. Next weekend there could be even fewer details as Revenge of the Sith should dominate every market, but after that the summer blockbuster season should be in full swing and things should pick up. More...

Another Unlucky Weekend

May 16th, 2005

Friday the 13th proved to be an unlucky omen as the box office continued its slump. We did see a massive 17.3% increase from last weekend, but more importantly 9.5% drop-off from the same time last year, which is the 12th down weekend in a row. As for year-to-date, 2004 has brought in $2.715 billion, off 7% from the same time last year. More...

Kingdom's Reign Cruel to Competition

May 16th, 2005

The summer got off to a really, really slow start international this week and while Kingdom of Heaven didn't wasn't quite the blockbuster most people were looking for, it did cannibalized what little box office there was. There were a few local films to make noise, including Negotiator: Bayside Shakedown 3, which easily topped the Japanese market with $5,275,685 on just 280 for a huge $18,842 per screen average. More...

Slow Dancing to $100 million

May 8th, 2005

Golden Week helped Shall We Dance? climb 19% to $2,250,195 for the weekend and $7,270,348 during its run. The film now has $90.3 million internationally and could break $100 million if it continues to show strong legs in Japan. More...

International: Constantine Continues to Climb

May 1st, 2005

It was a good news, bad news kind of weekend for Constantine. The film remained in top spot in Japan with $2,330,027 on 349 screens for a $9,011,671 running tally in the market. Bad news, it dropped 37% during its second weekend in the market, which is really steep for Japan. Overall the film brought in $3 million on 1,200 screens in 40 markets for a international box office of $136.4 million. More...

Hitch still Connecting with Moviegoers

April 24th, 2005

Hitch is just coasting on holdovers now, and will be until it opens in Japan at the beginning of June. This week it added $5.1 million from 3000 screens in 55 markets to its already impressive $170.4 million international total and with soft week to week drop-offs and a good showing in Japan and it will have a $200 million future. This week the film added $643,359 in its fifth weekend in France for a $12,785,670 total in the market, $110,000 in its second weekend in Argentina, (rising to first place in the meantime) as well as other, smaller markets. More...

International Box Office Busier than Weekend Before

April 17th, 2005

The Pacifier finally debut across Australia after playing in Queensland and Victoria for the past two weeks; the massive expansion allowed the film to climb to first place with $1.125 million on 267 screens. That lifted its total in the market to $3.41 million so far and the film should have strong legs. Add to that its $1.75 million opening in Spain and $590,000 in Belgium and the film managed $4.1 million over the weekend, which doubled its early total to $8.1 million. More...

Cool Reception

April 10th, 2005

It was a slow week at the international box office, the slowest of the year, and without much activity at the box office hit there were little in the way of details published by the studios. Therefore this week's column is much shorter than usual. Leading the best of the rest was Be Cool with an estimated $5 million for a disappointing $12.7 million international tally. Its best single market was the U.K. where the film finished second with $2.2 million on 336 screens after an exclusive engagement last weekend. The film also did well in the Netherlands with $190,000 on 43 screens but really struggles in Germany opening in fifth place with just $930,000 on 321 screens, a result mirrored in Austria, (fifth place, $165,948.) More...

Ring Leader

April 6th, 2005

For the first time in four weeks we have a new numbers one on the international charts as The Ring 2 opened in several major markets helping propel the film to $18.8 million on 3,476 screens in 37 markets for an international total of $34.7 million. That was enough to push its worldwide total passed $100 million to $102.7 million. It's biggest single market was the U.K. where the film $3.86 million on 419 screens, but this was not up the performance of the original. On the other hand, the film saw its biggest gain in France where its $2.15 million on 403 screens was 50% more than the $1.4 million original made in 2002. Other major market debuts include $3.0 million on 445 screens in Germany and $2.9 million on 320 screens in Spain. Holdovers were not kind to the film, again, as it dropped 54% in Australia to just $717,420. This has been a problem throughout the film's run and will likely result in the film earning substantially less than original when all is said and done. More...

France's $5 Million Baby

April 3rd, 2005

Million Dollar Baby performed brilliantly this week earning $8.8 million for an international total of $60 million, placing fourth on the international box office charts. In France the film dominated the marketplace with $4.94 million on 450 screens and in Germany the film earned $760,000 in semi-limited release (120 screens) for the best per screen average in the market. On the other hand, the film flopped in Slovakia where it missed the top ten in its debut. On the holdover front, the multi-Oscar winning front saw its weekend haul climb by 20% in Spain to $980,000 and it's still doing well in Australia, Italy and South Korea. More...

Baby Still Earning Millions

March 27th, 2005

Million Dollar Baby has again slipped off the radar screen, but we do know it hit $52 million internationally, which means it made $9 million during the week. The film didn't earn $1 million in any single market, but is still doing strong in South Korea, ($970,000), Spain, ($840,000), Italy, ($600,000) and Australia, ($350,000.) Best estimate has the film earning just shy of $5 million of that over the weekend and taking sixth place on the international box office charts. More...

Baby Takes Fifth in Close Race

March 20th, 2005

After gathering in all the data the winner for the race for fifth place is Million Dollar Baby, I think. It would need to lost more than 40% from last week's total and that's not taking into account its openings in South Korea at $1,515,672 and second place, its $110,000, third place debut in Finland, $86,000 in Russia, $50,000, second place debut in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, exact weekend totals are unknown but it is estimated at $6 million raising its international total to $43 million so far. More...

Hitch Tops 2005 Charts

March 16th, 2005

Not only is Hitch the undisputed champion of 2005 for the domestic market, it is also the new number one worldwide, topping Howl's Moving Castle $216.5 million to $211.9 million. And with $28.1 million this weekend on 4,600 screens in 40 markets, the film sits at $66.0 million internationally and could become the first film from 2005 to reach the $100 million milestone on the international scene. The film's biggest opening of the weekend came from the U.K., where it racked up $8.1 million including sneak peaks, which represented more than 50% of total box office in the market. Add in first place debuts in Italy with $2.5 million on 300, Belgium with $820,000 on 57, Netherlands with $670,000 on 93 and $225,000 on 16 screens in the U.E.A. The film also performed admirably in South Korea with a third place, $1.4 million weekend on 175 screens. Notable holdovers include its $6.3 million in Germany, down less than 30% to $17.2 million in that market alone and $1.83 million in Australia, down 34% and still first place in both markets. The film was also first place in Scandinavia, but exact numbers are currently unavailable. More...

Hitching a Ride

March 9th, 2005

We have a new number one at the international box office this week, as Hitch has expanded into 19 more markets, with number one debuts in all but one; it added $21.1 million on 3,000 screens in 25 markets to its early $29.6 million total. Its biggest debut came in Germany, where Will Smith is a huge box office draw; the film brought in $8.8 million on 905 screens, becoming the biggest opening ever for a Romantic Comedy. The film also did amazing business in other German speaking markets (Austria and Switzerland), plus Australia at $2.76 million, making it the biggest opening of the year in all four markets. The only market it failed to crack the top spot was Spain, where it went head to head with Hide & Seek and narrowly missing top spot with 2.56 million on 373 screens. It should be pointed out that horror films do particularly well in Spain, so this result is not unexpected. One last note, the film also debuted in London on one screen earning $101,395. More...

Famed Oscar Bounce Falls Flat

March 8th, 2005

A dozen films took home Oscars a little over a week ago, and while this usually results in a significant bounce at the box office, this year the returns were less than impressive. More...

Pacifier Gets Moviegoers Excited

March 7th, 2005

Overall it was a good weekend as every movie in the top five matched expectations, or at least came very close, and the number one film topped predictions by a wide, wide margin. However, the news was not all good, as the weekend was relatively flat from last week with just a 1.1% increase. Compared to last year the figure was much worse at 14.5% decrease. 2005's lead over 2004 evaporated to just 1%, $1.427 billion to $1.413 billion. More...

The Aviator Soars Higher than Before

March 6th, 2005

The Aviator beat weekend estimates by a substantial margin leading to a $5.9 million box office on 3000 screens in 34 markets. The multi-Oscar winning movie has hit $86.2 million internationally and will cross $200 million worldwide before too long. The film dropped a spot to fifth place in South Korea with $834,660 for the week and slipped to second in Australia with $798,000. The only market the film opened it was Argentina, where it easily took top spot with $232,000. More...

New Movies Getting Cool Reception with Critics

March 4th, 2005

Three new films open in wide release (or, in the case of one of the films, semi-wide release), one more film expands at the box office, while another could be propelled back into the top five thanks to a significant Oscars bounce. All in all, it's a very busy weekend for moviegoers. More...

Aviator Has Icarus-Like Flight

February 27th, 2005

The Aviator started out Oscar evening extremely well, but it was Million Dollar Baby that won the biggest prizes at the 77th annual Academy Awards. More...

Numbers Readers Predict Aviator to Win Best Picture, Another Snub for Martin Scorsese

February 27th, 2005

Twelve Tops the Best of the Rest

February 27th, 2005

Ocean's Twelve may have dropped out of the top five, but it is still going strong with $4.5 million on 1400 screens in 35 markets for an international box office of $225.8 million so far. No new openings means the heist film had to rely on holdovers likes its $2.5 million during its third weekend in the U.K. and $1.4 million during its fifth week of release in Japan, finishing second in both those markets. More...

Massive Turnout for Presidents' Weekend

February 22nd, 2005

The long weekend helped boost ticket sales to higher than expected levels, with almost every film meeting or exceeding predictions. Percentage-wise, the three-day weekend was up 10.9% from last weekend and more than 40% from last year. However, this weekend last year was not Presidents' Day Weekend and thus that comparison is misleading. Comparing 2005 Presidents Day Weekend to 2004 and the results are still very strong, just not overwhelmingly so; 3-day 2005 was up 7.0% and 8.4% for the 4-day weekend. Year to date, 2005 is up 13.4% on 2004, with $1.121 billion. However, 2004 had a slow start and didn't really take off until late February. More...

Sideways Eternally Grateful to the WGA

February 20th, 2005

The Annual Writers Guild Awards held their 57th annual awards on Saturday. Among the more than a dozen awards handed out were three for theatrical releases, including the inaugural award for best documentary, (which had been handed out earlier.) More...

French Film Finishes Fifth

February 20th, 2005

Iznogoud: Calife a la place du calife, a movie based on a Asterix and Obelix spin off of sorts, dominated the French box office taking in $7.1 million, more than double the second place film and more than a third of the top ten total. It is also enough to push it into the Top Five on the international scene, dropping Finding Neverland into sixth place. Unfortunately, like the several films made in the Asterix and Obelix series, this one is unlikely to make much of an impact outside the French speaking markets. More...

Tight Presidential Race

February 18th, 2005

Presidents' Day Long Weekend isn't the busiest holiday of the year, but it should give a boost to the box office nonetheless. Looking at the reviews of the three new releases, this weekend is going to need a boost. More...

Smith and Sony Feeling a Lot of Love

February 14th, 2005

Valentine's Day brought a lot of love to both Will Smith and Sony, as records were set. This led to a massive 16.6% increase from last weekend, however, the box office was down 3.6% from last year. But the latter comparison isn't completely accurate since this time last year was the President's Day Long Weekend. Year to date 2005 is up on 2004 by 9%, but before the industry starts to celebrate, 2004 got off to a very slow start before taking off mid-way through the month, so the race is far from over. More...

Hooking Up

February 11th, 2005

It's Valentine's Day weekend, sort of. Valentine's Day is actually on Monday, but I don't think that's going to stop a lot of people from seeing a date movie this weekend. With that extra boost we should have a first mega-hit of the year as romantic comedies should reign supreme. More...

Fockers are Fabulous

February 9th, 2005

A higher than expected opening in Spain and a lower than expected decline in the U.K. allowed Meet the Fockers to retain top spot on the international charts. The film opened first in a handful of markets, including a $4.7 million opening in Spain on 356 screens, $377,000 in Denmark, $352,000 in Taiwan and $275,000 in Israel. Its most prolific market continues to be the U.K. where the film brought in $8.5 million during its second weekend there; that's a 42% drop-off, which is a little high for the market, but not as high as expected given its huge start last weekend. That one market represented more than half of its weekend total of $16.3 million on 1700 screens in 28 markets for a running tally of $82.9 million. More...

Super Bowl doesn't Stunt the Weekend Box Office

February 7th, 2005

With two new releases going up against the media juggernaut that is the Super Bowl, everyone was expecting at least one movie to flop hard, but that didn't happen. Granted, the weekend box office was down 16.8% from last weekend, but that wasn't as steep a drop as expected. Comparisons to last year are a less accurate as Super Bowl happened a weekend earlier. Compared the last year this weekend was down 8.3%, but compared to last Super Bowl weekend, it was up 8.0% More...

Does the Screen Actors Guild Predict Oscar Glory?

February 5th, 2005

More than a dozen awards were handed tonight in Los Angeles at the Shrine Exposition Center, and with only five theatrical awards there were more than a few surprises. More...

Screen Actors Guild Gets Its Chance to Shine Tonight

February 5th, 2005

The 11th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards are handed out tonight and while there are numerous awards only five are for theatrical releases. More...

This Weekend Looks Anything But Super

February 4th, 2005

Super Bowl weekend is usually a horror story for theaters as most people stay at home to watch the game, or at least soak in the hype surrounding the game. The big game is such a threat to the box office that the Super Bowl Weekend is historically the third worst weekend of the year, (the Post Labor Day and Post Thanksgiving weekends being numbers one and two respectively). This year, two films are being released with two different strategies for success. More...

Fockers Flatten Competition

February 2nd, 2005

Meet the Fockers open in the U.K. over the weekend with an astounding $14.8 million on 456, which is more than four times the original's earnings there in 2000. That figure was also more than 8 times the second place film , and more than half the market's total box office. Add in a handful of openings in other, mostly smaller markets and the film brought in $19.2 million on 1,700 screens in 15 markets for a $58.8 million total so far. More...

Films Earn Early Oscars Gold

February 1st, 2005

Oscar Nominations gave a box office boost to many films this past weekend while other films are too far into their runs for it to make a difference, (The Motorcycle Diaries) or out of theatres completely, (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.) But of the 35 films that received Oscar Nominations, 17 saw increases in either their overall box office, per theatre average or both. More...

I Guess that Snowstorm Really did Hurt the Box Office

January 31st, 2005

January ended on an amazing note, with most of the top five beating expectations. This led to huge increases of 26.4% from last weekend and 29.6% from last year. But there is some bad news. Firstly, last weekend the box office was pushed down because of the snowstorm and secondly, last year the box office was pushed down because of the Super Bowl. However, even taking those into account this was still a good weekend, and 2005 is off to a great start - up more than 12%, for an early $75 million lead on 2004. More...

Eastwood Wins DGA Award - Becomes Oscars Favorite

January 31st, 2005

On Saturday, the Directors Guild of America celebrated their 57th annual awards. And while there were many winners, only two awards were for theatrical releases. More...

January Ends on a Scary Note

January 28th, 2005

Two new Horror movies open this weekend. However, the scariest part about the films could be their Rotten Tomatoes scores, as they are currently earning just 13 and 65. On the plus side, several Oscar Nominated films are earning serious expansions and should figure in the top five. More...

Ocean Steals International Box Office Crown Back

January 26th, 2005

The International Box Office Race is certainly interesting, as Ocean's Twelve recaptured the lead this weekend with $14.4 million on 4,600 screens in 58 markets and now sits at $170.4 million internationally and $292.8 million worldwide. A large chunk of that total came from Japan, where the film earned $6.8 million (including sneak peaks) on 510 screens, while ending Howl's Moving Castle's nine week reign on top. While this was a strong performance, it was 20% lower that the original's debut in the same market. More...

PGA Kicks off the Guild Awards

January 25th, 2005

Over the weekend The Producers Guild of America handed out their 15th Annual awards with The Aviator taking top prize for Darryl F. Zanuck as Producer of the Year Award - Theatrical Motion Pictures. This is the first of four Guild Awards that will be handed out over the next few weeks leading up to the Oscars on February 27th. More...

All That's Golden Does Not Glitter

January 25th, 2005

Of the eight films that won Golden Globes last weekend, only a handful saw their box office take increase this weekend. This can be partially explained by the snowstorm, and partially by how late in the film's run it was by the time the awards were announced. However, it may also be an indication of the declining influence the awards ceremony has. More...

It's Lonely at the Top

January 25th, 2005

Just a lone film in the $10,000 club this week as Million Dollar Baby continued its amazing run, earning $1.65 million in 147 theaters for a $11,239 average. More...

Oscar Nominations Sidestep Box Office Giants

January 25th, 2005

The Oscar Nominations were announced this morning and at first glance it appears that most of the nominations went to films with smaller budgets and box office results. Box office hits were nearly shut out of the major nominations. More...

New Releases Tackle Golden Globe Winners Head On

January 21st, 2005

It's another light week for limited releases. However, several that won Golden Globes this past Sunday will see their theater counts increase. More...

Alexander Reigns over International Audiences

January 19th, 2005

After a massive opening last week in Spain, Alexander took top spot on the international charts thanks to a strong opening in Italy, Brazil and Hong Kong. The film managed first place in all three markets with $3.87 million on 446 screens in Italy, $906,900 on 193 screens in Brazil and $275,244 on 30 screens in Hong Kong. Holdovers were not as kind to the Sword and Sandal epic as it dropped nearly 50% in the U.K., Spain and France. Overall the film brought in $14.5 million on 3600 screens in 51 markets for a running tally of $88 million. And while the film will easily cross $100 million internationally, which is roughly 3 times its domestic figure, it has to be looked at as a disappointment financially. More...

Per Theater Average Charts Look Like a Million Dollars

January 18th, 2005

Million Dollar Baby climbed back into first place on the per theater charts with an average of $14,868 in 122 theaters. The only other film to beat the $10,000 mark was Short Cut to Nirvana: Kumbh Mela with $12,127 in its lone theater. More...

Aviator Soars Above the Rest

January 17th, 2005

The Golden Globe were handed out tonight with no one film really dominating the night. The Aviator led the night with three awards with a few others films taking home two apiece. More...

Good Great on Per Theatre Redux

January 11th, 2005

Four of last week's five films in the $10,000 club managed to repeat that feat this week with In Good Company continuing its reign on the charts. The film, which opens wide this week, dropped a mere 5% at the box office earning an average of $48,050 in three theatres. Well back at $17,619 was Million Dollar Baby, which did an amazing job holding onto its per theatre average despite increasing its theatre count from just 9 to 109. On the other hand, The Merchant of Venice dropped almost 30% to $12,237 even though its theatre count was unchanged. Another film holding up well despite massive gains in its theatre count was Hotel Rwanda with $11,155 on average in 105 theatres. Rounding out the $10,000 club was the only new wide release this weekend, White Noise with $10,665. More...

New and Old Mix for Limited Releases

January 7th, 2005

Just a pair of new openings on the limited release front, but there are also a few more films expanding wider tonight as well. More...

Company Done Good

January 4th, 2005

As you can probably guess from the grammatically incorrect headline, In Good Company took top spot on the Per Theatre Charts with an amazing $50,583 average in three theatres over the weekend and a total of $225,000 since the film opened on Wednesday. Coming in second is the oldest film in the $10,000 club, Million Dollar Baby, which saw its per theatre average jump to $30,164 in nine theatres and has already topped $1 million during its limited run. Hotel Rwanda also saw its per theatre average climb and earned $20,340 in 7 theatres and needs to expand quickly to take advantage of its strong start. Oscar hopeful, The Merchant of Venice, started well with nearly $70,000 over the weekend and over $100,000 since its Wednesday opening, which works out to a $17,467 average in 4 theatres. Rounding out the $10,000 club was the overall box office leader, Meet the Fockers with an average of $11,845. More...

Million Dollar Weekend

December 28th, 2004

While it didn't actually earn $1 million this weekend, Million Dollar Baby did top the per theatre charts with an average of $21,066, while fellow Oscar hopeful, Hotel Rwanda, came in second place with a respectable $14,299 average in 7 theatres. Rounding out the $10,000 club was overall box office champion, Meet the Fockers with $13,110. More...

Zissou's Run Goes Swimmingly

December 21st, 2004

During its second weekend of release, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou saw its per theatre average drop just 12.6% to land at $49,394, easily the best result this weekend. Next on the list are two new award season hopefuls, Million Dollar Baby with $22,494 in 8 theatres and The Aviator with $21,451 in 40 theatres. The second returning member of the $10,000 club rounds out the list as Bad Education earned an average of $12,816 to spend its fifth week on the list. More...

Golden Weekend for Limited Releases

December 17th, 2004

The limited releases this weekend have combined for more than a dozen Golden Globe nominations and could come close to matching that when Oscars nominations are announced late in January. More...

Movie Websites Launches for December 10 - December 16

December 16th, 2004

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here the list of this week's releases, a couple of new sites and few updates, including this week's winner Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events - Official Site and all subsidiaries. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details. More...

Sideways is Golden

December 14th, 2004

Golden Globe Nominations were announced on Monday and as with the IFP Independent Spirit Awards, Sideways lead the pack with 7 nominations. This does not mean it is the favorite in any particular category, but it does help its chances of taking home some hardware on January 16th. More...

New Upcoming Movies

October 12th, 2004

A number of upcoming movies have been added to the site. Most noticeable of these new movies are a spin-off to the X-Men movies: Wolverine, Michael Mann directing a Miami Vice movie based on his own eighties television series and a sequel to last year's surprise hit The Italian Job, Italian Job 2. More...

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Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2004/12/17 24 $179,953   8 $22,494   $235,407 5
2004/12/24 26 $189,597 +5% 9 $21,066   $527,138 12
2004/12/31 27 $271,472 +43% 9 $30,164   $1,044,149 19
2005/01/07 15 $1,920,418 +607% 109 $17,619   $3,107,704 26
2005/01/14 14 $1,813,881 -6% 122 $14,868   $5,684,881 33
2005/01/21 12 $1,652,078 -9% 147 $11,239   $8,312,424 40
2005/01/28 3 $12,265,482 +642% 2,010 $6,102   $21,579,631 47
2005/02/04 5 $8,515,365 -31% 2,025 $4,205   $34,436,002 54
2005/02/11 4 $7,447,212 -13% 2,035 $3,660   $44,948,277 61
2005/02/18 5 $6,810,065 -9% 2,105 $3,235   $54,313,587 68
2005/02/25 6 $7,344,390 +8% 2,125 $3,456   $64,851,738 75
2005/03/04 5 $8,135,421 +11% 2,350 $3,462   $76,600,008 82
2005/03/11 6 $5,153,356 -37% 2,375 $2,170   $84,054,207 89
2005/03/18 8 $4,021,437 -22% 2,210 $1,820   $89,943,692 96
2005/03/25 10 $2,587,313 -36% 1,710 $1,513   $94,133,278 103
2005/04/01 12 $1,466,429 -43% 1,405 $1,044   $96,662,363 110
2005/04/08 14 $702,019 -52% 857 $819   $97,825,712 117
2005/04/15 17 $628,184 -11% 902 $696   $98,708,641 124
2005/04/22 21 $309,289 -51% 455 $680   $99,252,599 131
2005/04/29 26 $174,793 -43% 235 $744   $99,527,252 138
2005/05/06 22 $260,338 +49% 390 $668   $99,851,398 145
2005/05/13 24 $188,348 -28% 345 $546   $100,156,381 152
2005/05/20 34 $80,427 -57% 110 $731   $100,283,719 159
2005/05/27 36 $49,447 -39% 75 $659   $100,368,397 166
2005/06/03 43 $26,834 -46% 59 $455   $100,422,786 173

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2005/01/14 17 $471,671   122 $3,866   $4,342,671 31
2005/01/15 14 $772,428 +64% 122 $6,331   $5,115,099 32
2005/01/16 15 $569,782 -26% 122 $4,670   $5,684,881 33
2005/01/17 17 $471,188 -17% 122 $3,862   $6,156,069 34
2005/01/28 3 $3,200,000   2,010 $1,592   $12,500,000 45
2005/01/29 3 $5,413,904 +69% 2,010 $2,693   $18,106,665 46
2005/01/30 3 $3,472,966 -36% 2,010 $1,728   $21,579,631 47
2005/01/31 2 $1,068,000 -69% 2,010 $531   $22,648,000 48
2005/02/01 2 $1,173,000 +10% 2,010 $584   $23,821,000 49
2005/02/02 2 $1,082,000 -8% 2,010 $538   $24,903,000 50
2005/02/03 2 $1,017,000 -6% 2,010 $506   $25,920,637 51
2005/02/04 5 $2,600,000 +156% 2,025 $1,284   $28,500,000 52
2005/02/05 5 $4,327,183 +66% 2,025 $2,137   $32,874,373 53
2005/02/06 4 $1,561,629 -64% 2,025 $771   $34,436,002 54
2005/02/07 2 $779,000 -50% 2,025 $385   $35,215,000 55
2005/02/08 2 $808,000 +4% 2,025 $399   $36,023,000 56
2005/02/09 2 $715,000 -12% 2,025 $353   $36,739,000 57
2005/02/10 2 $762,000 +7% 2,025 $376   $37,501,000 58
2005/02/11 3 $1,900,000 +149% 2,035 $934   $39,400,000 59
2005/02/12 4 $3,470,099 +83% 2,035 $1,705   $42,878,938 60
2005/02/13 4 $2,069,339 -40% 2,035 $1,017   $44,948,277 61
2005/02/14 3 $895,000 -57% 2,035 $440   $45,844,000 62
2005/02/15 2 $565,000 -37% 2,035 $278   $46,409,000 63
2005/02/16 2 $526,000 -7% 2,035 $258   $46,935,000 64
2005/02/17 2 $568,000 +8% 2,035 $279   $47,504,000 65
2005/02/18 5 $1,600,000 +182% 2,105 $760   $49,100,000 66
2005/02/19 5 $3,011,652 +88% 2,105 $1,431   $52,122,635 67
2005/02/20 5 $2,190,952 -27% 2,105 $1,041   $54,313,587 68
2005/02/21 6 $1,332,093 -39% 2,105 $633   $55,645,680 69
2005/02/22 4 $627,000 -53% 2,105 $298   $56,273,000 70
2005/02/23 4 $623,000 -1% 2,105 $296   $56,896,000 71
2005/02/24 4 $611,000 -2% 2,105 $290   $57,507,000 72
2005/02/25 6 $2,000,000 +227% 2,125 $941   $59,500,000 73
2005/02/26 6 $3,571,380 +79% 2,125 $1,681   $62,985,510 74
2005/02/27 7 $1,866,228 -48% 2,125 $878   $64,851,738 75
2005/02/28 4 $863,000 -54% 2,125 $406   $65,715,000 76
2005/03/01 3 $968,000 +12% 2,125 $456   $66,683,000 77
2005/03/02 3 $870,000 -10% 2,125 $409   $67,553,000 78
2005/03/03 3 $911,000 +5% 2,125 $429   $68,465,000 79
2005/03/04 5 $2,300,000 +152% 2,350 $979   $70,800,000 80
2005/03/05 5 $3,837,721 +67% 2,350 $1,633   $74,588,914 81
2005/03/06 5 $2,011,094 -48% 2,350 $856   $76,600,008 82
2005/03/07 5 $531,000 -74% 2,350 $226   $77,131,000 83
2005/03/08 4 $611,000 +15% 2,350 $260   $77,743,000 84
2005/03/09 4 $620,000 +1% 2,350 $264   $78,363,000 85
2005/03/10 4 $538,000 -13% 2,350 $229   $78,901,000 86
2005/03/11 6 $1,300,000 +142% 2,375 $547   $80,200,000 87
2005/03/12 6 $2,448,133 +88% 2,375 $1,031   $82,742,904 88
2005/03/13 6 $1,311,303 -46% 2,375 $552   $84,054,207 89
2005/03/14 6 $442,000 -66% 2,375 $186   $84,496,000 90
2005/03/15 6 $502,000 +14% 2,375 $211   $84,999,000 91
2005/03/16 6 $471,000 -6% 2,375 $198   $85,470,000 92
2005/03/17 6 $452,000 -4% 2,375 $190   $85,922,000 93
2005/03/18 8 $1,100,000 +143% 2,210 $498   $87,000,000 94
2005/03/19 8 $1,874,634 +70% 2,210 $848   $88,892,509 95
2005/03/20 8 $1,051,183 -44% 2,210 $476   $89,943,692 96
2005/03/21 8 $377,000 -64% 2,210 $171   $90,321,000 97
2005/03/22 8 $405,000 +7% 2,210 $183   $90,726,000 98
2005/03/23 8 $414,000 +2% 2,210 $187   $91,141,000 99
2005/03/24 9 $410,000 -1% 2,210 $186   $91,551,000 100
2005/03/25 9 $900,000 +120% 1,710 $526   $92,500,000 101
2005/03/26 10 $1,078,215 +20% 1,710 $631   $93,465,273 102
2005/03/27 10 $668,005 -38% 1,710 $391   $94,133,278 103
2005/03/28 10 $331,000 -50% 1,710 $194   $94,465,000 104
2005/03/29 10 $247,000 -25% 1,710 $144   $94,712,000 105
2005/03/30 10 $233,000 -6% 1,710 $136   $94,945,000 106
2005/03/31 10 $250,000 +7% 1,710 $146   $95,196,000 107
2005/05/30 38 $11,250   75 $150   $100,379,647 167

Weekly Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2004/12/17 24 $282,087   8 $35,261   $337,541 9
2004/12/24 26 $435,136 +54% 9 $48,348   $772,677 16
2004/12/31 27 $414,609 -5% 9 $46,068   $1,187,286 23
2005/01/07 12 $2,683,714 +547% 109 $24,621   $3,871,000 30
2005/01/14 14 $2,789,346 +4% 122 $22,863   $6,660,346 37
2005/01/21 12 $2,653,803 -5% 147 $18,053   $9,314,149 44
2005/01/28 3 $16,606,488 +526% 2,010 $8,262   $25,920,637 51
2005/02/04 4 $11,580,428 -30% 2,025 $5,719   $37,501,065 58
2005/02/11 3 $10,002,457 -14% 2,035 $4,915   $47,503,522 65
2005/02/18 5 $10,003,826 n/c 2,105 $4,752   $57,507,348 72
2005/02/25 5 $10,957,239 +10% 2,125 $5,156   $68,464,587 79
2005/03/04 5 $10,436,264 -5% 2,350 $4,441   $78,900,851 86
2005/03/11 6 $7,021,404 -33% 2,375 $2,956   $85,922,255 93
2005/03/18 8 $5,623,710 -20% 2,210 $2,545   $91,545,965 100
2005/03/25 10 $3,649,969 -35% 1,710 $2,134   $95,195,934 107
2005/04/01 12 $1,927,759 -47% 1,405 $1,372   $97,123,693 114
2005/04/08 15 $956,764 -50% 857 $1,116   $98,080,457 121
2005/04/15 16 $862,853 -10% 902 $957   $98,943,310 128
2005/04/22 21 $409,149 -53% 455 $899   $99,352,459 135
2005/04/29 27 $238,601 -42% 235 $1,015   $99,591,060 142
2005/05/06 23 $376,973 +58% 390 $967   $99,968,033 149
2005/05/13 25 $235,259 -38% 345 $682   $100,203,292 156
2005/05/20 35 $115,658 -51% 110 $1,051   $100,318,950 163
2005/05/27 38 $77,002 -33% 75 $1,027   $100,395,952 170

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