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How to Be a Latin Lover (2017)

How to Be a Latin Lover
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $29,682,464Details
International Box Office $20,365,000Details
Worldwide Box Office $50,047,464
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Handsome and very young Maximo has a dream to be rich without ever having to work a day in his life. Having made a career of seducing rich older women, he marries a wealthy woman more than twice his age. 25 years later, spoiled and bored from waking up next to his now 80-year-old wife, he gets the surprise of his life when she ends up dumping him for a younger car salesman. Forced out of his mansion and desperate for a place to stay, he must move in with his estranged sister, Sara, and her nerdy but adorable son, Hugo, in their small apartment. Anxious to return to the lap of luxury, Maximo uses his nephew’s crush on a classmate to get to his new target—her grandmother, Celeste, a widowed billionaire. As Maximo tries to rekindle his powers as a Latin lover, he finds himself bonding with his nephew Hugo, and he begins to learn that being a Latin lover means that loving money isn't as important as the love of your family.


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Movie Details

Domestic Releases: April 28th, 2017 (Wide) by Lionsgate
International Releases: May 5th, 2017 (Wide), released as Как да бъдеш латино любовник (Bulgaria)
May 5th, 2017 (Wide), released as Cómo Ser Un Latin Lover (Mexico)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for crude humor, sexual references and gestures, and for brief nudity.
(Rating bulletin 2463 (Cert #50876), 2/15/2017)
Running Time: 115 minutes
Comparisons: vs. No se Aceptan Devoluciones
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Keywords: Dysfunctional Family, Bad Role Models, Faked Romance, Relationships Gone Wrong, May / December Romance, Actors Making Their Directorial Debut, Hispanic
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Production Companies: 3Pas Studios, Pantelion Films, Lionsgate, Videocine
Production Countries: United States


Raphael Alejandro    Hugo
Renee Taylor    Peggy
Rob Huebel    Nick
Michaela Watkins    Arden
Linda Lavin    Millicent
Mckenna Grace    Arden
Michael Cera    Remy
Mather Zickel    James
Manelly Zepeda    Sara (young)
Eddie J. Fernandez    Maximo’s Father
Mauricio Ochmann    Hotel Clerk
Jaime Aymerich    Valet
Noel Carabaza    Young Maximo
Anne McDaniels    Model in Advertisement
Lubella Gauna    Parent
Jenna Curtis    Charity Guest
Nami Arsi    Charity Guest
Jeffrey Scott Basham    Charity Valet Driver
Ford Austin    Golf Pro
Brooklyn Rae Silzer    Arden

Production and Technical Credits

Screenwriter    Jon Zack
Screenwriter    Chris Spain
Producer    Eugenio Derbez
Producer    Ben Odell
Executive Producer    Mike Upton
Director of Photography    John Bailey
Production Designer    Marcia Hinds
Editor    John Daigle
Costume Designer    Molly Grundman
Composer    Craig Wedren
Music Supervisor    Howard Paar
Casting Director    Deborah Aquila
Casting Director    Tricia Wood
Art Director    Alex Gaines
Set Decorator    Cindy Coburn
Re-recording Mixer    David E. Fluhr

Theater Averages: Audiences Didn’t Wait to See Paris

May 16th, 2017

Paris Can Wait

Paris Can Wait topped the theater average chart earning nearly $100,000 in just 4 theaters for an average of $24,713. The overall number one film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, landed in second place with $15,013. The only other film in the $10,000 club was Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe, which earned $11,729 in its lone theater. Manifesto just missed the mark with $9,628 also in one theaters. However, it was a Wednesday release and managed $11,824 during its five-day opening. More...

Weekend Estimates: Second Place Snatched from King Arthur

May 14th, 2017


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has proved to be a costly bet gone wrong for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow. The film had a long gestation period, and ended up costing $175 million to make. Once another $100 million or so of marketing is added in, that makes for a target of at least $550 million at the global box office before anyone starts recouping anything from the film. A domestic opening of $14.7 million, and $29.1 million overseas, makes that a laughably-distant prospect. Adding to the embarrassment, King Arthur will start out in third place, behind Mothers Day-play Snatched, and even that film isn’t doing particularly well, when all is said and done. More...

Theater Averages: Galaxy Grabs $33,704 on Theater Average Chart

May 10th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Not only did Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 earn first place on the weekend box office chart, it was also the top film on the theater average chart earning an average of $33,704. This is the fourth best result of the year so far, second best for a wide release. (Beauty and the Beast is still the best of the year with an average of $41,508.) Second place went to the re-release of Stalker with $20,540 in its lone theater. The Lovers was the only other film in the $10,000 club with an average of $16,572 in four theaters. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Galaxy gets the Summer Going with $146.51 million

May 8th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

For the eighth year in a row, a Marvel movie started the summer blockbuster season. This time around, it was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, which earned $146.51 million, or roughly 75% of the total weekend box office of $194 million. That figure is nearly double the box office from last week, an increase of 97%, to be more precise. Unfortunately, this is also 19% lower than the same weekend last year when Captain America: Civil War dominated the chart. 2017 is still ahead of 2016, but the gap has narrowed to 4.5% at $3.88 billion to $3.71 billion. More...

Weekend Predictions: Guarding the Box Office against Civil War

May 4th, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The summer blockbuster season unofficially begins this weekend with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. There are no other films opening wide this week, so it will dominate the chart like few films are able to. In fact, the film’s only real competition is Captain America: Civil War, which opened this weekend last year. There’s very little chance Vol 2 will start as fast as Civil War started, but it could have better legs. I think 2017 will lose the year-over-year comparison this weekend, but the rest of the month should be better. More...

Theater Averages: Baahubali Won’t Conclude after a $24,712 opening

May 2nd, 2017

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion opened on top of the theater average chart with $24,712 in just over 400 theaters. It goes without saying that there will be another installment in this franchise; although I hear it won’t follow the same characters. The only other film in the $10,000 club was How to Be a Latin Lover, which earned an average of $10,959 in 1,118 theaters. Obit was relatively close to the $10,000 mark with an average of $8,093 in two theaters over the weekend; however, it was a Wednesday release earning an average of $17,604 over the five days. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: April’s Conclusion was a Wild Weekend

May 1st, 2017

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

The weekend box office was a wild one with two limited releases in the top five, How to be a Latin Lover and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. The Fate of the Furious remained in first place with $19.94 million, which is better than expected. Unfortunately, the overall box office was still weak down 8.3% from last weekend to just $99 million. Worse still, this is 8.9% lower than the same weekend last year. 2017’s lead over 2016 took a bit of a hit, but still has a 5.1% or $180 million lead, $3.66 billion to $3.48 billion. More...

Weekend Estimates: Niche Audiences to the Fore at Home, Guardians Big Overseas

April 30th, 2017

How to Be a Latin Lover

The last weekend before the Summer season is generally a quiet one, but two breakout hits aimed at niche audiences are making this one interesting. How to Be a Latin Lover will post a shade over $12 million from just 1,118 theaters, according to Lionsgate’s weekend estimate. That would be the news of the weekend if it wasn’t for Baahubali 2: The Conclusion earning the best weekend for a Bollywood movie in history with a stellar $10.1 million from just 425 locations. Those two films couldn’t knock The Fate of the Furious off top spot though, as the action blockbuster added another $19.4 million, to take its domestic total to $192.7 million. More...

Thursday Night Previews: Circle Doesn’t Live Up to its Promise with $430,000 While Moviegoers Love Latin with $450,000

April 28th, 2017

The Circle

The Circle was the first film to release Thursday preview numbers and they were not good at just $430,000. Granted, this is far from the worst we’ve seen this year. The Promise only managed $200,000 last week. If The Circle has the same legs during its opening weekend, it will only manage $9 million. Even that might be asking too much, as its reviews went from 50% positive when we made our prediction to just 21% positive today. I really don’t think it will manage $12 million over the weekend. We will have a better idea tomorrow when Friday’s numbers show up. More...

Weekend Predictions: April Circles the Drain

April 27th, 2017

The Circle

The last weekend in April is usually a terrible weekend and this year is no different. There is only one truly wide release this week, The Circle, although How to be a Latin Lover has a shot at the top five. There are also two films opening in approximately 500 theaters hoping to sneak into the top ten: Sleight and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. However, while it seems like a busy week for new releases, The Fate of the Furious will easily remain in first place. In fact, the top five this week could be nearly identical to the top five last week, with The Circle being the only nearly guaranteed new addition. This weekend last year, The Jungle Book led the way with $44 million, while the biggest new release was Keanu with just under $10 million. The new releases might be stronger this time around, but there’s almost no way 2017 will be able to compete with The Jungle Book. More...

2017 Preview: April

April 1st, 2017

The Fate of the Furious

March was a month of extremes, led by two strong performances: Beauty and the Beast breaking records and Logan cracking $200 million with ease. There were also two other $100 million hits and another potential $100 million hit that we don’t have significant box office numbers for yet. This is fantastic. On the opposite end, there were three films on last month’s list that didn’t even open truly wide. This month won’t be as lucrative at the top, as The Fate of the Furious is the only film expected to top $100 million. Fortunately, it is expected to open with over $100 million. On the other extreme, there are many, many films on this list that I’m not sure will open wide. Fortunately, last April wasn’t any better. The Jungle Book made nearly $1 billion worldwide, but the other nine films combined made less than half of that. To emphasize: the other nine films that opened last April averaged less than $50 million worldwide each. If The Fate of the Furious can just come close to the previous installment of the franchise, then 2017 has a solid shot at topping 2016. More...

Domestic Cumulative Box Office Records

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2017/04/28 2 $12,252,439   1,118 $10,959   $12,252,439 3
2017/05/05 4 $5,144,904 -58% 1,203 $4,277   $20,548,224 10
2017/05/12 7 $3,858,898 -25% 1,123 $3,436   $26,251,899 17
2017/05/19 10 $2,051,180 -47% 948 $2,164   $29,309,990 24

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2017/04/28 3 $3,896,264   1,118 $3,485   $3,896,264 1
2017/04/29 3 $4,299,948 +10% 1,118 $3,846   $8,196,212 2
2017/04/30 2 $4,056,227 -6% 1,118 $3,628   $12,252,439 3
2017/05/01 2 $848,782 -79% 1,118 $759   $13,101,221 4
2017/05/02 2 $1,100,402 +30% 1,118 $984   $14,201,623 5
2017/05/03 2 $655,010 -40% 1,118 $586   $14,856,633 6
2017/05/04 2 $546,687 -17% 1,118 $489   $15,403,320 7
2017/05/05 4 $1,336,033 +144% 1,203 $1,111   $16,739,353 8
2017/05/06 6 $1,677,141 +26% 1,203 $1,394   $18,416,494 9
2017/05/07 3 $2,131,730 +27% 1,203 $1,772   $20,548,224 10
2017/05/08 3 $392,461 -82% 1,203 $326   $20,940,685 11
2017/05/09 3 $579,221 +48% 1,203 $481   $21,519,906 12
2017/05/10 3 $539,305 -7% 1,203 $448   $22,059,211 13
2017/05/11 4 $333,790 -38% 1,203 $277   $22,393,001 14
2017/05/12 8 $819,930 +146% 1,123 $730   $23,212,931 15
2017/05/13 7 $1,360,762 +66% 1,123 $1,212   $24,573,693 16
2017/05/14 5 $1,678,206 +23% 1,123 $1,494   $26,251,899 17
2017/05/15 6 $263,770 -84% 1,123 $235   $26,515,669 18
2017/05/16 7 $339,555 +29% 1,123 $302   $26,855,224 19
2017/05/17 7 $219,225 -35% 1,123 $195   $27,074,449 20
2017/05/18 7 $184,361 -16% 1,123 $164   $27,258,810 21
2017/05/19 10 $501,314 +172% 948 $529   $27,760,124 22
2017/05/20 10 $844,674 +68% 948 $891   $28,604,798 23
2017/05/21 10 $705,192 -17% 948 $744   $29,309,990 24
2017/05/22 10 $156,884 -78% 948 $165   $29,466,874 25
2017/05/23 10 $215,590 +37% 948 $227   $29,682,464 26

Weekly Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2017/04/28 2 $15,403,320   1,118 $13,778   $15,403,320 7
2017/05/05 4 $6,989,681 -55% 1,203 $5,810   $22,393,001 14
2017/05/12 7 $4,865,809 -30% 1,123 $4,333   $27,258,810 21

Box Office Summary Per Territory

Territory Release
Box Office
Bulgaria 5/5/2017 $22,539 0 0 0 $51,359 5/22/2017
Mexico 5/5/2017 $7,258,472 0 0 0 $15,931,571 5/18/2017
Rest of World $4,382,070
International Total$20,365,000 5/22/2017

International Cumulative Box Office Records

Worldwide Cumulative Box Office Records

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