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Suburbicon (2017)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $5,775,178Details
International Box Office $4,842,413Details
Worldwide Box Office $10,617,591
Home Market Performance
Est. Domestic DVD Sales $297,159 Details
Est. Domestic Blu-ray Sales $581,119 Details
Total Est. Domestic Video Sales $878,278
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Suburbicon is a peaceful, idyllic suburban community with affordable homes and manicured lawns …the perfect place to raise a family, and in the summer of 1959, the Lodge family is doing just that. But the tranquil surface masks a disturbing reality, as husband and father Gardner Lodge must navigate the town’s dark underbelly of betrayal, deceit, and violence. This is a tale of very flawed people making very bad choices. This is Suburbicon.


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Movie Details

Domestic Releases: October 27th, 2017 (Wide) by Paramount Pictures
International Releases: October 27th, 2017 (Wide) (Australia)
November 10th, 2017 (Wide), released as Suburbicon: Temné předměstí (Czech Republic)
November 10th, 2017 (Wide) (Poland)
November 10th, 2017 (Wide) (Slovakia)
November 17th, 2017 (Wide), released as Райско кътче в ада (Bulgaria)
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Video Release: January 23rd, 2018 by Paramount Home Video
MPAA Rating: R for violence, language and some sexuality.
(Rating bulletin 2476 (Cert #51059), 5/17/2017)
Running Time: 105 minutes
Comparisons: vs. Downsizing
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Keywords: Crime Caper, Death of a Spouse or Fiancée / Fiancé, Young Child Dealing with the Death of a Parent, Infidelity, Life in a Small Town, 1950s, Suburbs, Loan Shark, Money Troubles, Organized Crime, Twins, Dysfunctional Family, Same Actor, Multiple Roles, Insurance Fraud, Relationships Gone Wrong, Familial Murder, Bigotry, African-American
Source:Original Screenplay
Genre:Black Comedy
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Production Companies: Black Bear, Silver Pictures, Smoke House Pictures
Production Countries: United States

Leading Cast

   Gardner Lodge
   Margaret Lodge

Supporting Cast

Noah Jupe    Nicky
Glenn Fleshler    Hitman
Megan Ferguson    June
Jack Conley    Hightower
Gary Basaraba    Uncle Mitch
Michael D. Cohen    Stretch
Alex Hassell    Louis
Tony Espinosa    Andy
Karimah Westbrook    Mrs. Meyer
Marah Fairclough    Shopping Woman
Diane Dehn    Virginia
Tim Neff    Protestor #4
Emily Goss    Clinic Mom

For a description of the different acting role types we use to categorize acting perfomances, see our Glossary.

Production and Technical Credits

Joel Coen    Screenwriter
Ethan Coen    Screenwriter
George Clooney    Screenwriter
Grant Heslov    Screenwriter
Joel Silver    Producer
George Clooney    Producer
Grant Heslov    Producer
Teddy Schwartzman    Producer
Joel Silver    Executive Producer
Hal Sadoff    Executive Producer
Ethan Erwin    Executive Producer
Barbara A. Hall    Executive Producer
Dan Steinman    Executive Producer
Robert Elswit    Director of Photography
James D. Bissell    Production Designer
Stephen Mirrione    Editor
Jenny Eagan    Costume Designer
Alexandre Desplat    Composer
Ellen Chenoweth    Casting Director

Home Market Releases for February 6th, 2018

February 7th, 2018

Duckman: The Complete Series

There are not a lot of big titles on this week’s list of home market releases and there won’t be for at least a couple more weeks. That’s not to say there is nothing worth picking up. Both Blame (DVD) and Only the Brave (Blu-ray) are Pick of the Week contenders. In the end, Duckman: The Compete Series is the Pick of the Week winner and worth picking up, unless you own the previous DVD releases. More...

Home Market Releases for January 23rd, 2018

January 22nd, 2018


It’s a really slow week on the home market. There are only a few releases that went anywhere at the box office, led by Jigsaw, which is a bad movie. Meanwhile, Geostorm is so bad it’s good. It’s fun, if you are into B movies, but it’s not Pick of the Week material. The only real contenders are Jane, which is only coming out on Video on Demand, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, which is getting a Two-Disc Special Edition. In the end, I went with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, mainly because Jane doesn’t come out on DVD / Blu-ray until next month. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Thor Hammers Competition with $122.74 million

November 7th, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok beat predictions by a substantial margin earning the fourth biggest opening weekend of the year. Its opening weekend haul of $122.74 million helped this weekend rise 135% compared to last weekend hitting $179 million. Unfortunately, while Thor: Ragnarok was a monster hit, the rest of the box office wasn’t able to make much of an impact, leaving the overall box office down 6.6% from this weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2017 has pulled in $8.77 billion, putting it behind 2016's pace at 4.9% or $450 million. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Box Office is Cut to Pieces, Earning Just $75 million

October 31st, 2017


It was a terrible weekend at the box office with only two films cracking $10 million, Jigsaw and Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween. Geostorm earned third place with just $5.90 million. Overall, the box office fell 21% from last weekend to just $75 million. More importantly, this is 15% lower than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2017 continues to struggle with a running tally of $8.57 billion. This is $470 million or $5.2% below last year’s pace, meaning we fell behind last year’s pace by a further 0.2 percentage points. The box office really needed to be eating into the deficit during the month of October, but that hasn’t been the case. More...

Friday Estimates: Jigsaw Cuts Its Way to the Top with $7.17 million

October 28th, 2017


As predicted, Jigsaw led the way on Friday. However, it didn’t do as well as previews suggested, as it earned $7.17 million during its opening day. I don’t expect its legs to improve during the rest of the weekend, as its reviews are just 37% positive, and it earned a B from CinemaScore. It will still do better than our $14 million prediction, but not by as much as we thought it would yesterday. Look for $17 million over the weekend, which is the second weakest opening in the franchise and the weakest in terms of ticket sales. I really think Lionsgate will end this franchise, at least for a while. Perhaps, in ten years or so, we will get a remake. More...

Thursday Night Previews: Jigsaw Grabs a $1.6 million Piece of the Box Office

October 27th, 2017


Jigsaw earned $1.6 million during its midnight previews last night. Happy Death Day earned an even $1 million during its previews on its way to a $26 million opening. However, there are many factors that will result in shorter legs. For instance, Happy Death Day earned better reviews, while Jigsaw is the latest installment in a long-running franchise. Finally, Happy Death Day’s target audience skewed female, while Jigsaw skews male and men are more likely to rush out to see a movie than women are. That said, this is a great start and the film should easily top our prediction with at least $20 million during its opening weekend. More...

Weekend Predictions: Can Jigsaw Still Fit at the Box Office?

October 26th, 2017


There are three wide releases coming out this week, although only Jigsaw is expected to make any real impact at the box office. The other two, Suburbicon and Thank You for Your Service, are opening in barely more than 2,000 theaters and neither of them are expected to do well at the box office. Meanwhile, Tyler Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween, has an actual shot at repeating in first place, mostly because of the weak competition. This is terrible news for the overall box office, as it means we are going to have a hard time matching last year’s box office, even though last year there was only one wide release, Inferno. More...

2017 Preview: October

October 1st, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

September destroyed the previous September monthly record for total box office take, with $800 million or so (we won’t know the exact figure until after the weekend), which tops 2016’s record of $616 million. Granted, this is almost entirely due to It’s record breaking run, and the rest of the month was merely average. Kingsman: The Golden Circle was the only other film to come close to $100 million. October doesn’t look any better, as far as depth is concerned. Blade Runner 2049 is widely expected to be the biggest hit of the month, but it is the only film expected to reach $100 million domestically. Boo 2 should be the second biggest hit of the month, while there are only a couple of other films that have a shot at $50 million. Part of the problem is the level of competition, as there are 16 films opening during the four October weekends. (Needless to say, some of the predictions below will be a little short, as there’s not much to say about a film that will barely open in the top ten and disappear two weeks later.) That’s way too many and most will be buried by the competition. Last October was a flop, as no film earned more than $100 million at the box office. There were a few films that came close, including the original Boo! movie. As long as Blade Runner 2049 matches expectations, 2017 should win the year-over-year comparison by a small margin. If we get one surprise hit, then 2017 has a real shot at closing the gap with 2016 by a significant margin. I choose to be cautiously optimistic. More...

Suburbicon Trailer

July 27th, 2017

Black comedy starring Matt Damon and Julianne Moore, directed by George Clooney, written by Joel and Ethan Coen, opens October 27 ... Full Movie Details. More...

Domestic Cumulative Box Office Records

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossWeek
2017/10/27 9 $2,840,246   2,046 $1,388   $2,840,246 1
2017/11/03 13 $1,185,036 -58% 2,046 $579   $5,081,606 2
2017/11/10 40 $70,079 -94% 281 $249   $5,733,506 3

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2017/10/27 7 $1,091,676   2,046 $534   $1,091,676 1
2017/10/28 10 $1,058,172 -3% 2,046 $517   $2,149,848 2
2017/10/29 9 $690,398 -35% 2,046 $337   $2,840,246 3
2017/10/30 9 $267,211 -61% 2,046 $131   $3,107,457 4
2017/10/31 10 $358,204 +34% 2,046 $175   $3,465,661 5
2017/11/01 10 $219,288 -39% 2,046 $107   $3,684,949 6
2017/11/02 10 $211,621 -3% 2,046 $103   $3,896,570 7
2017/11/03 12 $359,398 +70% 2,046 $176   $4,255,968 8
2017/11/04 13 $515,960 +44% 2,046 $252   $4,771,928 9
2017/11/05 14 $309,678 -40% 2,046 $151   $5,081,606 10
2017/11/06 13 $131,440 -58% 2,046 $64   $5,213,046 11
2017/11/07 12 $211,277 +61% 2,046 $103   $5,424,323 12
2017/11/08 13 $140,677 -33% 2,046 $69   $5,565,000 13
2017/11/09 13 $98,427 -30% 2,046 $48   $5,663,427 14
2017/11/10 - $19,863 -80% 281 $71   $5,683,290 15
2017/11/11 - $30,719 +55% 281 $109   $5,714,009 16
2017/11/12 - $19,497 -37% 281 $69   $5,733,506 17
2017/11/13 - $11,105 -43% 281 $40   $5,744,611 18
2017/11/14 - $13,372 +20% 281 $48   $5,757,983 19
2017/11/15 - $10,423 -22% 281 $37   $5,768,406 20
2017/11/16 - $6,772 -35% 281 $24   $5,775,178 21

Weekly Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossWeek
2017/10/27 10 $3,896,570   2,046 $1,904   $3,896,570 1
2017/11/03 13 $1,766,857 -55% 2,046 $864   $5,663,427 2
2017/11/10 37 $111,751 -94% 281 $398   $5,775,178 3

Box Office Summary Per Territory

Territory Release
Box Office
Australia 10/27/2017 $285,290 223 223 552 $615,298 11/23/2017
Bulgaria 11/17/2017 $0 0 0 0 $19,491 12/27/2017
China 1/12/2018 $680,000 9082 9082 9082 $853,966 6/19/2018
Czech Republic 11/10/2017 $15,959 88 88 88 $15,959 11/15/2017
Italy 12/6/2017 $574,367 0 0 0 $1,056,779 1/8/2018
Lithuania 12/1/2017 $7,932 52 52 74 $15,887 12/29/2017
Mexico 11/24/2017 $184,665 0 0 0 $184,665 11/28/2017
Netherlands 11/17/2017 $63,042 56 56 141 $207,596 12/4/2017
Poland 11/10/2017 $87,456 0 0 0 $96,108 6/3/2018
Portugal 12/29/2017 $68,678 39 39 104 $176,584 1/31/2018
Russia (CIS) 11/17/2017 $250,340 433 433 677 $488,676 6/5/2018
Slovakia 11/10/2017 $5,980 42 42 42 $5,980 11/15/2017
Spain 12/8/2017 $350,292 174 174 452 $756,701 1/4/2018
Turkey 12/8/2017 $22,694 49 49 71 $40,133 12/27/2017
United Kingdom 11/24/2017 $308,590 364 364 364 $308,590 11/29/2017
International Total$4,842,413 6/19/2018

International Cumulative Box Office Records

Worldwide Cumulative Box Office Records

Weekly US Blu-ray Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
2/11/20181317,504 17,504$349,913$349,9133

Our DVD and Blu-ray sales estimates are based on weekly retail surveys, which we use to build a weekly market share estimate for each title we are tracking. The market share is converted into a weekly sales estimate based on industry reports on the overall size of the market, including reports published in Home Media Magazine.

For example, if our weekly retail survey estimates that a particular title sold 1% of all units that week, and the industry reports sales of 1,500,000 units in total, we will estimate 15,000 units were sold of that title. The consumer spending estimate is based on the average sales price for the title in the retailers we survey.

We refine our estimates from week to week as more data becomes available. In particular, we adjust weekly sales figures for the quarter once the total market estimates are published by the Digital Entertainment Group. Figures will therefore fluctuate each week, and totals for individual titles can go up or down as we update our estimates.

Because sales figures are estimated based on sampling, they will be more accurate for higher-selling titles.

Full financial estimates for this film, including domestic and international box office, video sales, video rentals, TV and ancillary revenue are available through our research services. For more information, please contact us at