How to Train Your Dragon

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Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $217,581,231Details
International Box Office $277,289,760
Worldwide Box Office $494,870,991
Home Market Performance
Domestic DVD Sales $137,105,529 Details
Domestic Blu-ray Sales $50,215,527 Details
Total Domestic Video Sales $187,321,056
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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics Certified FreshAudience Upright
98% - Certified Fresh
91% - Upright

Movie Details

Production Budget:$165,000,000
Domestic Releases: March 26th, 2010 (Wide) by Paramount Pictures
March 26th, 2010 (IMAX) by Paramount Pictures
Video Release: October 15th, 2010 by Paramount Home Video
MPAA Rating: PG for sequences of intense action and some scary images, and brief mild language
(Rating bulletin 2105, 1/27/2010)
Running Time: 91 minutes
Franchise: How to Train Your Dragon
Keywords: 3-D, Dragon, IMAX: DMR, Dysfunctional Family
Source:Based on Fiction Book/Short Story
Production Method:Digital Animation
Creative Type:Fantasy
Production Companies: DreamWorks Animation


Gerard Butler    Stoick
Craig Ferguson    Gobber
America Ferrera    Astrid
Jonah Hill    Snotlout
Christopher Mintz-Plasse    Fishlegs
T.J. Miller    Tuffnut
Kristen Wiig    Ruffnut

Production and Technical Credits

Screenwriter    Chris Sanders
Screenwriter    Dean DeBlois
Producer    Bonnie Arnold
Executive Producer    Kristine Belson
Executive Producer    Tim Johnson
Co-Producer    Karen Foster
Co-Producer    Doug Davison
Co-Producer    Roy Lee
Co-Producer    Michael Connelly
Editor    Darren Holmes
Editor    Maryann Brandon
Production Designer    Kathy Altieri
Composer    John Powell
Art Director    Pierre-Olivier Vincent
Visual Effects Supervisor    Craig Ring
Head of Animation    Simon Otto
Head of Story    Alessandro Carloni
Head of Layout    Gil Zimmerman
Character Designer    Nico Marlet
Sound Designer    Randy Thom
Supervising Sound Editor    Randy Thom
Supervising Sound Editor    Jonathan Null
Associate Producer    Bruce Seifert
Casting Director    Leslee Feldman

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for May 27th, 2014

While summer time is a great time for theatrical releases, it is a terrible time on the home market. This week, there are nearly no first-run releases, and the one that came out, Endless Love, earned terrible reviews and failed to find an audience in theaters. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of other releases to make up for the lack of first-run releases. There are some catalog releases, like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which is coming out on Blu-ray. There are also some summer shows coming out on DVD ahead of the premiere of the latest season, like Suits: Season Three. There's not much in the way of contenders for Pick of the Week. Cheap Thrills is one such contender, but I'm still waiting for the DVD or the Blu-ray screener to arrive. This leaves Journey to the West on Blu-ray as the only choice for Pick of the Week. More...

Featured Blu-ray review: How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon 2 hits theaters in just a few weeks, so the studio is releasing How to Train Your Dragon on a Collector's Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack this week. What's new with the Blu-ray? And is it worth picking up? More...

DVD Sales: Holdovers are Nearly Unstoppable

President's Day sales boosted a number of holdovers back into the top 30 on this week's sales chart. However, it was a new release, Unstoppable, that led the way with 796,000 units sold for opening week sales of $12.73 million. More...

Oscar Contest: Category Highlight: Best Animated Feature

With our annual Oscar Prediction contest underway, now is the best time to look at the nominees and try and figure out who the favorites are and which films should just feel honored to be nominated. Today we look at Best Animated Feature Film, which is one of the least competitive categories that we will be dealing with this year. (This is true most years.) This is actually quite fortunate, as a rule dispute at the Annies have rendered that awards ceremony nearly useless in predictive power. More...

Awards Season: Oscars Offer a Truly Regal Performance

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, thus ending months of speculation. Along with a (very) few surprises, the list of nominees is mostly a case of Deja Vu. Leading the way, as it has so often this year, was The King's Speech, with 12 nominations, including six in seven of the most prestigious categories (Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and the four acting categories). But it was far from the only multi-nominated film on the list. More...

Awards Season: PGA Doesn't Toy With Expectations

Producers Guild of America announced the nominations in seven categories, three of which are for theatrical releases. Like last year, there was only one repeat nominee, and again like last year, it was a Pixar release. More...

DVD Sales: Gru was Despicable to the Competition

There were seven new releases to chart this week, including the new number one. In fact, that new number one dominated in a surprising way and none of the other new releases managed to make much of an impact at the box office. Despicable Me led the way with 3.75 million units sold and $62.70 million. If there were any doubts about a sequel, this ended them, as the film is already in the top ten for the year. More...

DVD Sales: New Releases Can't Eclipse Twilight

A couple of very high profile new releases hit the home market this week, but despite this, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was able to top the DVD sales chart during its first full week of release with 3.15 million units / $56.62 million for a running tally of 5.54 million units / $99.68 million. This is practically identical to the sales of the first two films at the same point. More...

Awards Season - King of the Globes, or at Least the Nominations

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their nominations early this morning, and there are some interesting surprises included in the mix. Leading the way was The King's Speech, which has long been seen as one of the major players this Awards Season. Meanwhile, The Fighter and The Social Network were right behind with six each. There were many, many other films nomination, including more than a few shocks. ... Mostly in one category. More...

Contest: Let's Get Animated

This is likely the last Box Office prediction contest where the prizes might reach the winners in time for Christmas. It is also the first contest to feature one of the many potential $100 million hits coming out this month, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, henceforth to be referred to in the rules as Dawn Treader. In order to win, one must simply predict the opening weekend box office number for Dawn Treader. Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going over, will win a copy of How to Train Your Dragon on Double DVD Pack. Meanwhile, whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going under, will win a copy of SpongeBob SquarePants: Legends of Bikini Bottom on DVD. Entries must be received by 10 a.m., Pacific Time on Friday to be eligible, so don't delay! More...

2010 Holiday Gift Guide: Part I

This weekend is Thanksgiving and that means Black Friday and Cyber Monday plus 48 hours of shopping in between. Personally, I've done my Christmas shopping, and I have been for weeks; in fact, I've even finished wrapping everything. For the rest of you, here is the first part in our annual Holiday Gift Guide. This week we will look at some of the major first-run releases, but we start with a short talk on... More...

DVD Sales: The Toys are Back Indeed

Toy Story 3 remained on top of the sales chart this week with 934,000 units / $16.53 million for the week and 4.79 million units and $89.63 million after two. It is now the fourth-best-selling DVD of 2010 in terms of units and dollars, while it could climb another spot by the time Black Friday is over. More...

DVD Sales: The Toys are Back Indeed

Toy Story 3 dominated the new releases and this week's sales chart with 3.86 million units sold and $73.10 million in revenue. After just five days of sales, it is already in the top ten for 2010 and by now it might already be in the top three. We will find out next week when the numbers are in. More...

DVD Sales: New Releases are Not Very Sexy

New releases again failed to make much of an impact on this week's sale chart with only three placing in the top 30. However, one of those, Sex and the City 2, did take top spot with 989,000 units and $16.81 million during its opening week. This is weaker than its predecessor opened with, but in line with expectations, more or less. More...

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for November 2nd, 2010

It's a good week in terms of quality as the biggest hit and the best movie of the year hits the home market this week. However, it appears that release might have scared away the competition. Of course, that release is Toy Story 3, and the 4-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack, which is not only the Pick of the Week, it might be the Pick of the Year. More...

DVD Sales: Dragons Prey on New Releases

New releases failed to make much of an impact on this week's DVD sales chart with only one placing in the top five and only two or three others in the top 30. This left How to Train Your Dragon on top with an easy win at 1.42 million units for the week. This gives it totals of 3.29 million / $70.40 million in consumer spending at retail, which makes it the third-best-selling DVD for any 2010 theatrical release and the eighth-best-selling DVD of the year. More...

Featured Blu-ray / DVD Review: How to Train Your Dragon

Last year there was a virtual plethora of animated releases, so much so that there were five Oscar nominations for Best Animated Feature. This year there hasn't been the same quantity, but the quality has been just as high, with three Oscar-worthy films released before the Awards Season even started. One of those movies, How to Train Your Dragon, is the first of these films I got the chance to review, but it won't be the last. In fact, it might not be the last one I review today. Will coming out first be an advantage for the film? Will it set the bar so high that no other movie will be able to live up to it? More...

DVD Sales: How to Tops the Chart

We had a new number one release on this week's sales chart, with How to Train Your Dragon dominating with 1.87 million units sold / $39.63 million in opening week sales. More...

DVD and Blu-ray Releases for October 12th, 2010

A strange week for the DVD and Blu-ray Release Report, as there are only five featured reviews for releases coming out this week. However, there are also eight featured reviews for releases that arrived late, plus another eight or so that came out this week where the screener is late. (There's a couple where I don't know if they will or will not arrive.) The Pick of the Week is one such release, How to Train Your Dragon on Blu-ray / DVD Combo, but be warned, that movie isn't released to the home market till Friday. More...

International Details: Robin Hood Nears Major Milestone

For the third weekend in a row, Robin Hood remained in fourth place. This time it pulled in $7.19 million on 5742 screens in 54 markets for a total of $183.71 million internationally and $283.17 million worldwide. This week it opened in China and India, two countries that rarely release box office numbers in a timely fashion. More...

International Details: Box Office as a Strong Indian Flavor

Rajneeti was the second Indian film within a few weeks to open strong on the global scene. Internationally, it earned third place with $11.01 million on 925 screens in 16 markets, which is an excellent start for this type of film. After Kites opened respectively well, it quickly collapsed. Thanks to a higher than average production budget, it will end up costing the studio money. However, this film is already well on its way to profitability and hopefully it will show much better legs. More...

International Details: Sex Debuts in Second

Sex and the City 2 started its international run in second place with $23.98 million on 2739 screens in 18 markets for a total opening of $27.11 million. The film's biggest opening came in the U.K., where it made $8.93 million on 530 screens, 24% more than the original's opening. It had the biggest opening of the year in Germany with $5.90 million on 736 screens over the weekend for a total of $7.72 million. This was 23% higher than the original managed. On the other hand, it only saw 4% growth in Italy, with $2.4 million on 499 screens. This is not enough to keep pace with inflation. However, it is still better than it managed here. More...

International Details: Iron Shines Brighter than Predecessor

Iron Man 2 is starting to see sharp declines in its theater count, but it still hit a major milestone during the past weekend. It added $13.90 million on 8739 screens in 55 markets for a total of $269.30 million internationally, which is just ahead of the total earned by Iron Man. Additionally, the film reached the half billion dollar mark with total ticket sales of $520.32 million worldwide. By the time it opened in Japan on the 11th, it will have surpassed its predecessor on the worldwide stage, while it has likely already broken even at this point. More...

International Details: Iron No Longer Golden, But Still Rich

Iron Man 2 slipped to second place with $30.47 million on 10,223 screens in 57 markets for a total of $245.75 million internationally and $456.95 million worldwide. While this is impressive, its per theater average has become very weak and the competition is heating up. Look for sharp declines in the film's screen count over the next few weeks. That said, the original Iron Man earned a total of $264 million internationally and it is likely that the sequel has already topped that figure. It has also likely topped $500 million worldwide, while $600 million globally is a safe bet, so there's no reason for the studio to worry about shedding screens at this point. The film's biggest individual market so far is still the U.K. where it has made $25.80 million, including $2.30 million on 491 screens this past weekend. South Korea is right behind with $2.11 million on 600 screens over the weekend and $25.27 million after two. More...

Robin Hood Rich, but Can't Top Tony Stark

The overall box office this past weekend was adequate. While three of the top five films were unable to match Thursday's predictions, none were off by a significant degree. All combined, the box office brought in $139 million, which was down 22% compared to last week. Again, this was expected. Compared to last year it was higher, but by a mere 1.3%. Not enough to keep pace with inflation. Year-to-date, 2010 is still ahead of 2009 at $3.85 billion to $3.62 billion. However, due to the influx of 3D ticket sales and the much higher ticket prices they command, attendance is actually down by a fraction of a percent. It's nothing to worry about at the moment, but it is still interesting. More...

Weekend Estimates: Iron Man Sees Off Robin Hood

This Summer's first blockbuster face-off ended with a victory for Iron Man 2 as the superhero actioner saw off the medieval actioner, Robin Hood. Both movies enjoyed weekends roughly in line with expectations. Iron Man 2 posted a respectable 59% drop from its opening weekend to earn $53 million, and take its domestic box office total to $212 million. With another $210 million internationally, the movie is well on its way to topping Iron Man's $582 million worldwide tally. Robin Hood couldn't match that level of performance, but posted a decent $37.1 million opening in North America, and earned an estimated $77 million internationally, to take it past $100 million worldwide on its first weekend. More...

International Details: Another Milestone for Alice

For the fourth weekend in a row, Alice in Wonderland remained in second place, this time adding $13.28 million on 3843 screens in 54 markets for a total of $630.30 million internationally and $961.15 million worldwide. Since last week it has crossed the $600 million milestone on the international scene, making it just the 13th film to do so. It is now the seventh highest grossing film of all time. The film's per screen average has declined enough that it will likely shed screens and markets rather quickly. That said, if the worst thing you can say about a movie's box office run is, "It might not make it to $1 billion!" then the film is a massive success. More...

Robin Hood Ready to Steal the Box Office Crown?

The second weekend in May tends to be weak at the box office; for instance, it was the second weekend of May that saw the release of Speed Racer and Poseidon, just to name two recent examples. It is unlikely that Robin Hood will do that poorly at the box office; in fact, it might open with more than Speed Racer made in total. If it can, it will go a long way towards helping 2010 keep pace with last year. But even if it does, it will likely have to settle for second place. More...

Iron Golden, but Not as Lustrous as Some Expected

Iron Man 2 started off the summer in style with the biggest opening weekend of the year and the fifth biggest of all time. This helped the overall box office hit $174 million, which was 76% higher than last weekend. More importantly, it was 20% higher than the same weekend last year. This is extra important, because last year we were already a week into summer and we couldn't afford any weakness at the box office if 2010 was to maintain its lead over 2009. It was able to do so. In fact, it increased its lead slightly to 6.5% at $3.66 billion to $3.44 billion. More...

Weekend Estimates: Iron Man 2 Leads Off Summer with Fifth Best Opening

A prime launch date, inflated ticket prices, and the unbeatable formula of a superhero sequel combined to give Iron Man 2 a massive opening weekend, according to Paramount's estimate, released on Sunday. Their projected $133.6 million would make the movie the fifth-biggest opener of all time, and cements Iron Man's place among the industry's mega-franchises, alongside Batman, Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Harry Potter. More...

International Details: Wonderful Milestone for Alice

With Iron Man 2 debuting over the past weekend, Alice in Wonderland had one last gasp before the onslaught of summer blockbusters. It remained in second place with $23.54 million on 4263 screens in 54 markets over the weekend for a total of $592.23 million after two months of release. Worldwide, the film now has $921.92 million, which means that over the weekend it became just the 14th film to cross the $900 million milestone. It has already overtaken Shrek 2 for 13th place. By now, it is likely already in the top ten all-time and has a nominal shot at $1 billion worldwide. More...

Iron Bound Record Book

Summer has finally begun. It feels a week late because May 1st fell on a Saturday. However, the wait could be worth it, as a number of analysts are expecting a record-breaking performance by Iron Man 2 over the weekend. The movie has no competition at the box office. There's not even competition when compared to last year, as practically everyone thinks it will open with much more than Star Trek. For that matter, most think it will easily top Iron Man's opening weekend and perhaps even break records. More...

Nightmare Strong, Year-to-Year Comparison is Scary

The new releases were a little weaker than anticipated, while the holdovers could only compensate so much. The overall box office was $102 million, which was 2% higher than last weekend. That's the good news. The bad news is that it was down 36% from the same weekend last year. Of course, this weekend last year was the first weekend of May, so the comparison is fundamentally unfair and 2010 still has a 6.4% lead over 2009 at $3.46 billion to $3.25 billion. I expect it to increase its lead next weekend. More...

Weekend Estimates: Nightmare Reboot Earns Big Bucks

A Nightmare on Elm Street continued what is now practically a tradition of impressive performances for franchise reboots by opening with $32.2 million this weekend, according to Warner Bros.' Sunday estimate. That's the second-best opening performance for a movie in the franchise, behind only the franchise-crossover Freddy vs. Jason. It also helped shake up the market a little after a few sluggish weeks. More...

Will Nightmare Scare the Competition?

It's the final weekend of April, which is normally a very bad time to release a big hit. But it appears that one of this year's two wide releases may make it. A Nightmare on Elm Street should be able to open faster than the two films did last week, but comparing it to last year is a bit more confusing. Last year, the last weekend in April of saw the release of Obsessed, which earned close to $30 million. A Nightmare on Elm Street should match that figure. However, the same weekend last year was actually the first weekend of May, which saw the release of Wolverine. There's a chance that overall box office combined won't match that film's opening. More...

International Top Five: Clash Cracks Another Milestone

Clash of the Titans remained in first place with $34.12 million on 9703 screens in 63 markets for a total of $244.18 million internationally and $389.74 million worldwide. Since last week, the film crossed $200 million internationally. It will cross $400 million worldwide before the weekend. It opened in Japan over the weekend, earning fourth place with $3.01 million on 479 screens, including previews, while it debuted in first place in the United Arab Emirates with $1.1 million on 54 screens. Meanwhile, it added $3.67 million on 992 screens in Mexico for a total of $13.69 million after two weeks of release, which is more than How To Train Your Dragon has earned there in a month... and Mexico tends to reward family films. At this point, $300 million internationally is practically guaranteed, while it might reach $500 million worldwide, if Iron Man 2 doesn't steal away too many screens. More...

Dragon Is a Winner, New Releases are Not

It was not a particularly strong week at the box office, but that should surprise few people. Four of the top five films reached expectations or at least came within a rounding error of doing so. The overall box office brought in $100 million. This is 17% lower than last weekend and 12% lower than the same weekend last year. That said, 2010 still has a large lead over 2009 at $3.32 billion to $3.06 billion. More...

Weekend Estimates: Fifth Time's the Charm for Dragon

In another sign of the dominance of 3D at the box office right now, How to Train Your Dragon enjoyed another strong performance and returned to the top of the box office chart this weekend, according to studio estimates released on Sunday. With a drop of just 23% from last weekend, Dragon now stands at $178 million, and it's likely to grow that number considerably between now and the release of Shrek Forever After on May 21. The Back-up Plan, meanwhile, posted a somewhat disappointing $12.25 million. That's considerably better than CBS Films' previous release, Extraordinary Measures, but decidedly middle-of-the-pack compared to Jennfier Lopez' other opening weekends. More...

Weekend Preview: Are New Releases Bound to be Losers?

While there are three wide releases coming out this week, including one debuting on Thursday, most box office analysts think that it will be a holdover, How to Train Your Dragon, that will take top spot. This is partially due to that film's strong holds so far, but also partially due to weakness in the three new releases. Expect a sizable drop-off from last weekend, but more importantly, a large drop-off from the same weekend last year. More...

International Top Five: Titans Titanic but Alice is Wonderful

Clash of the Titans tread water, down just 2% to $52.67 million on 10,165 screens in 55 markets for a total of $191.64 million internationally and $324.24 million worldwide. The film had a surprisingly strong start in Mexico, earning $7.18 million on 980 screens, which is close to the amount Alice in Wonderland opened with last month. It also placed first in Italy with $4.26 million on 533 screens. With an opening in Japan this weekend and Brazil next month (as well as some smaller markets), hitting $300 million internationally shouldn't be an issue. It could reach $500 million worldwide. More...

Box Office Still Kicking Ass

New releases were not able to live up to expectations over the weekend, but at least the holdovers were able to compensate. In fact, there were five films that earned more than $15 million at the box office over the weekend. So while the top film might have missed expectations, there was a lot of strength further down the list. The overall box office was down 5.8% from last weekend to $120 million, but that is still 10.7% higher than the same weekend last year. Meanwhile, year-to-date 2010 has made $3.19 billion and it is still 9.4% higher than last year's pace. More...

Weekend Estimates: Another Weekend That's Too Close to Call

Another impressive hold from How to Train Your Dragon combined with a lacklustre opening for Kick-Ass to produce a second consecutive weekend where Sunday's estimates are too close to declare a weekend winner. Paramount's estimate for Dragon is $20 million, while Lionsgate has Kick-Ass pegged at $19.75 million. Lionsgate's second place position now may simply be because they've posted a more precise estimate. Remarkably, there are three more movies within $5 million of top spot: Death at a Funeral opened with $17 million, which is just behind Date Night's second weekend $17.3 million (down just 31%), and Clash of the Titans did pretty well in its third weekend with an estimated $15.77 million. More...

Will Super Heroes Kick Ass or will Funeral have a Lively Start?

A pair of new releases come out this week and almost all analysts expect them to finish one-two. There is some debate over which will take the top spot, with Kick-Ass holding a nominal but hardly insurmountable lead over Death at a Funeral. The same can be said when comparing Kick-Ass to 17 Again, which won the box office race last year. There's a chance that neither new release will be able to start faster than last year's champ, but there's also a chance that both will. More...

International Top Five: Titan Towers Above Competition

Clash of the Titans nearly doubled its reach over the weekend as it remained in top spot with $53.87 million on 6629 screens in 32 markets for a still early total of $120.95 million internationally and $231.18 million worldwide. The film opened in first place in Russia with $11.82 million on 920 screens. That's a lot given the size of the market, but Russia has a history of rewarding fantasy films. In France it also opened in first place, earning $6.41 million on 576 screens, while in Germany it showed similar strength with $5.93 million on 628 screens. As far as holdovers were concerned, it remained in first place in South Korea with $4.11 million on 642 screens over the weekend for a total of $14.17 million after two. It also remained on top in the U.K. with $3.77 million on 468 screens over the weekend for a total of $19.56 million after two. More...

Titans Clash on Top

New releases opened a little on the lower end of expectations, but holdover performed admirably for the most part. There was a close race for the top spot this weekend. Overall, the box office pulled in $127 million, a 28% drop-off from last weekend. However, last weekend was a holiday weekend and so that's not that surprising. Box office was also down 4.6% from last year, but last year this was Easter weekend, so the decline is acceptable. Year-to-date, 2010 maintains its 10% growth over 2009 at $3.03 billion to $2.76 billion. More...

Weekend Estimates: Date Night Leads, But Weekend Too Close to Call

A strong opening for Date Night, a respectable drop-off for Clash of the Titans and a resurgent How to Train Your Dragon has produced a virtual three-way tie at the top of the chart this weekend, based on studio's Sunday estimates. Things are so close, in fact, that each movie looks like it will claim top spot on one day of the weekend. More...

Can Date Night Topple Titan?

There could be quite a battle for top spot at the box office this weekend. It all depends on how fast Date Night can start, as well as how far Clash of the Titans will fall. There was a similar dynamic this time last year when the newcomer, Hannah Montana, was able to come away with a relatively comfortable win over the holdover, Fast & Furious. This time around, I think it will be a closer race, while overall the box office appears to be a little weaker. More...

International Top Five: Clash Heard Around the World

Clash of the Titans started its international run in first place with $41.14 million on 3458 screens in 17 markets over the weekend for a total opening of $45.96 million. This includes first place openings in a number of major markets, led by the U.K. where it opened with $8.68 million on 446 screens. In Australia, the film debuted with $5.90 million on 351 screens. In Spain it managed $5.52 million on 544 screens over the weekend and $8.53 million, including midweek numbers. More...

Clash Sets Titanic Easter Record

Easter weekend resulted in records being broken as Clash of the Titans became the biggest Easter opener of all time. The strength of that film and others in the top five helped the box office pull in $177 million overall. That's 38% more than last weekend and 14% more than the same weekend last year. 2010 has now pulled in $2.83 billion, a 10% advantage when compared to 2009's pace. Double-digit growth is amazing and if it can keep this pace up, we could be in for an amazing ride this summer. More...

Weekend Estimates: Titans Sets New Easter Record

Clash of the Titans continued the domination of 3-D movies at the box office this year with an impressive $61.4 million opening weekend, according to Warner Bros.' estimate released on Sunday. Among other things, that's by far the biggest opening weekend over Easter, topping the $40.2 million earned by Scary Movie 4 in 2006. 3-D movies have now topped the chart for ten out of the first fourteen weeks of 2010. More...

Titans Set to Tower Above the Rest

It's the start of a new month and many are predicting that we will get off to a record start. The big release of the week is Clash of the Titans and its only competition is Fast & Furious, which opened with nearly $71 million this time last year. Will this movie be able to meet or exceed that figure? We shall soon find out. More...

International Top Five: Dragon Soars, But Alice Still Wonderful

A couple of major market debuts helped Alice in Wonderland keep its hold on first place, with $50.63 million on 8369 screens in 51 markets for a total of $367.77 million internationally and $661.30 million worldwide. In France it debuted in first place with $11.67 million on 735 screens, while it opened with $5.1 million on 450 screens in China. The film added $3.74 million on 510 screens in the U.K. for a total of $52.18 million, which is the film's best single foreign market. By this time next week it should have crossed the $400 million mark internationally and $700 million worldwide. $800 million is practically a lock at this point. Depending on how well it does in Spain, Japan, and Brazil, it could finish with more than $900 million. It has done particularly well in Mexico, with a running tally of $22.56 million. This bodes well for its chances in Spain and Brazil. However, it hasn't managed the same success in South Korea, with $16.95 million. This could be an omen for its run in Japan. More...

Dragon Tops Mixed Box Office

How to Train Your Dragon became the third 3D film to top the box office this year, but its opening didn't match my lofty expectations. Additionally, the rest of the box office wasn't able to compensate and that left the overall box office a little on the soft side. On a positive note, it did rise 1.7% from last weekend to $129 million. On the negative side, that represents a 12% decline from the same weekend last year, ending 2010's winning streak at four weeks. Year-to-date, 2010 has pulled in $2.59 billion at the box office. This figure is still 8.9% higher than the same point last year, which is fantastic. More...

How to Win on the Per Theater Chart

Only one film earned more than $10,000 on the per theater chart, and that was the overall box office leader, How to Train Your Dragon. That film earned an average or $10,785 in more than 4,000 theaters. More...

Contest: Breaking the Bank: Winning Announcement

The winners of our Breaking the Bank contest were determined and they are... More...

IMAX: Dragon is Animated

How to Train Your Dragon opened with $4.9 million on 118 IMAX screens domestically, making roughly 11% of its opening on just 3% of its screens. Worldwide it made $5.6 million on 156 IMAX screens. This is a record for an opening for an animated film. The film will have IMAX screens mostly to itself for the next month until Iron Man 2 kicks off a busy summer schedule in May. At that point, there's major openings practically every other week. More...

Weekend Estimates: Dragon Tops Alice, But Doesn't Set Box Office on Fire

As expected, How to Train Your Dragon comfortably won the weekend at the box office, but its early performance can be best described as solid rather than spectacular. With $43.3 million over the weekend, according to Paramount's Sunday estimate, it was easily able to beat Alice in Wonderland ($17.3 million, per Disney), but falls some way behind the opening of Monsters vs. Aliens, which debuted this weekend last year. Given Dragon's better reviews, it should have better legs than Monsters vs. Aliens, but it has a lot of work to do if it's going to earn much more than $100 million. More...

Does Dragon Know How to Win at the Box Office?

After three weeks on top, there's really no doubt that Alice in Wonderland will surrender its crown to How to Train Your Dragon this weekend. The real question is whether or not the newcomer can earn more than Monsters vs. Aliens did last year. More...

International Top Five: Alice is Just a Little Shy

Alice in Wonderland remained in first place for the third weekend in a row, adding $47.50 million on 6,827 screens in 49 markets for a total of $299.78 million internationally. I guarantee it reached $300 million internationally early on Monday. In fact, weekend estimates had it topping $300 million on Sunday, before the revised final numbers were released. The film again had no major market openings this weekend, but it remains a powerhouse in many countries. This includes the U.K., where it pulled in $7.26 million on 525 screens over the weekend for a total of $45.65 million after just three weeks of release. The film now has made $565.22 million worldwide after just three weeks of release. With openings in France, Spain, Japan, and Brazil ahead of it, it is on track for $750 million. More...

Contest: Breaking the Bank

This week's contest is brought to you by the Smithsonian Channel, which airs Footprints on the Water: The Nan Hauser Story on Saturday at 8pm.

After a month of box office records, How to Train Your Dragon looks to end March on a high note. More importantly, it is the target film in this week's box office prediction contest. In order to win, one must simply predict the opening weekend box office number for How to Train Your Dragon. Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going over, will win a Smithsonian Networks prize pack that includes a Smithsonian t-shirt, a tote bag, and two DVDs: The Big Blue and Stories from the Vaults: Season 1. Meanwhile, whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going under, will win a Capitalism: A Love Story prize pack that includes the film on Blu-ray and a mini-poster signed by Michael Moore. Entries must be received by 10 a.m., Pacific Time on Friday to be eligible, so don't delay! More...

2010 Preview: March

February was a stronger than expected month, for the most part, but 2010 continued to lose ground to 2009. Hopefully this trend will reverse itself, but it could be tough. Last March started with Watchmen, which earned just over $100 million at the box office. The month ended with Monsters vs. Aliens, which earned nearly $200 million. Granted, between these two releases there were a fair number of bombs, but it might be hard for this year to match last year at the top. More...

Cast Updates - March 20, 2008

This week's round of new casting information contains updates for The Grand, The Proposal, The Legend of Secret Pass, and more! More...

New Movie US Release Dates - March 2, 2008

This week's round of new movie release information contains release dates for Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, Where the Wild Things Are, How to Train Your Dragon and more! More...

IMAX - Legend Not Alone on IMAX

I Am Legend became the latest hit on IMAX screens worldwide as it pulled in $3.2 million on 77 screens domestically and $3.4 million including 6 international screens. This is not record-breaking territory, but a strong start nonetheless. More...

New Movie US Release Dates - November 5, 2006

This week's round of new movie release information contains release dates for National Treasure 2, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, some DreamWorks digital animation movies and more. More...

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2010/03/26 1 $12,111,766   4,055 $2,987   $12,111,766 1
2010/03/27 1 $17,519,363 +45% 4,055 $4,320   $29,631,129 2
2010/03/28 1 $14,101,190 -20% 4,055 $3,477   $43,732,319 3
2010/03/29 1 $4,814,037 -66% 4,055 $1,187   $48,546,356 4
2010/03/30 1 $4,803,028 n/c 4,055 $1,184   $53,349,384 5
2010/03/31 2 $4,534,374 -6% 4,055 $1,118   $57,883,758 6
2010/04/01 1 $5,242,114 +16% 4,055 $1,293   $63,125,872 7
2010/04/02 3 $11,028,592 +110% 4,060 $2,716   $74,154,464 8
2010/04/03 2 $11,084,274 +1% 4,060 $2,730   $85,238,738 9
2010/04/04 2 $6,897,178 -38% 4,060 $1,699   $92,135,916 10
2010/04/05 2 $5,286,039 -23% 4,060 $1,302   $97,421,955 11
2010/04/06 2 $3,827,722 -28% 4,060 $943   $101,249,677 12
2010/04/07 2 $3,485,110 -9% 4,060 $858   $104,734,787 13
2010/04/08 2 $3,806,116 +9% 4,060 $937   $108,540,903 14
2010/04/09 3 $7,134,315 +87% 4,007 $1,780   $115,675,218 15
2010/04/10 3 $10,523,320 +48% 4,007 $2,626   $126,198,538 16
2010/04/11 2 $7,205,900 -32% 4,007 $1,798   $133,404,438 17
2010/04/12 3 $1,383,418 -81% 4,007 $345   $134,787,856 18
2010/04/13 3 $1,388,913 n/c 4,007 $347   $136,176,769 19
2010/04/14 3 $1,176,225 -15% 4,007 $294   $137,352,994 20
2010/04/15 3 $1,264,752 +8% 4,007 $316   $138,617,746 21
2010/04/16 4 $4,404,260 +248% 3,825 $1,151   $143,022,006 22
2010/04/17 1 $9,111,273 +107% 3,825 $2,382   $152,133,279 23
2010/04/18 1 $6,117,787 -33% 3,825 $1,599   $158,251,066 24
2010/04/19 2 $1,206,268 -80% 3,825 $315   $159,457,334 25
2010/04/20 2 $1,207,230 n/c 3,825 $316   $160,664,564 26
2010/04/21 2 $1,107,422 -8% 3,825 $290   $161,771,986 27
2010/04/22 2 $1,223,728 +11% 3,825 $320   $162,995,714 28
2010/04/23 2 $3,540,491 +189% 3,665 $966   $166,536,205 29
2010/04/24 1 $6,775,807 +91% 3,665 $1,849   $173,312,012 30
2010/04/25 1 $5,033,915 -26% 3,665 $1,374   $178,345,927 31
2010/04/26 1 $844,721 -83% 3,665 $230   $179,190,648 32
2010/04/27 2 $860,937 +2% 3,665 $235   $180,051,585 33
2010/04/28 2 $737,763 -14% 3,665 $201   $180,789,348 34
2010/04/29 2 $770,113 +4% 3,665 $210   $181,559,461 35
2010/04/30 2 $2,536,353 +229% 3,426 $740   $184,095,814 36
2010/05/01 2 $4,814,495 +90% 3,426 $1,405   $188,910,309 37
2010/05/02 2 $3,263,441 -32% 3,426 $953   $192,173,750 38
2010/05/03 2 $605,277 -81% 3,426 $177   $192,779,027 39
2010/05/04 3 $582,686 -4% 3,426 $170   $193,361,713 40
2010/05/05 2 $494,515 -15% 3,426 $144   $193,856,228 41
2010/05/06 4 $477,265 -3% 3,426 $139   $194,333,493 42
2010/05/07 4 $1,538,905 +222% 3,003 $512   $195,872,398 43
2010/05/08 3 $2,849,450 +85% 3,003 $949   $198,721,848 44
2010/05/09 2 $2,292,019 -20% 3,003 $763   $201,013,867 45
2010/05/10 3 $382,066 -83% 3,003 $127   $201,395,933 46
2010/05/11 5 $435,246 +14% 3,003 $145   $201,831,179 47
2010/05/12 4 $410,312 -6% 3,003 $137   $202,241,491 48
2010/05/13 4 $402,669 -2% 3,003 $134   $202,644,160 49
2010/05/14 7 $1,232,514 +206% 2,620 $470   $203,876,674 50
2010/05/15 5 $2,377,660 +93% 2,620 $908   $206,254,334 51
2010/05/16 5 $1,393,362 -41% 2,620 $532   $207,647,696 52
2010/05/17 6 $352,917 -75% 2,620 $135   $208,000,613 53
2010/05/18 6 $397,171 +13% 2,620 $152   $208,397,784 54
2010/05/19 6 $336,558 -15% 2,620 $128   $208,734,342 55
2010/05/20 6 $355,365 +6% 2,620 $136   $209,089,707 56
2010/05/21 9 $477,210 +34% 1,751 $273   $209,566,917 57
2010/05/22 9 $859,532 +80% 1,751 $491   $210,426,449 58
2010/05/23 8 $564,469 -34% 1,751 $322   $210,990,918 59
2010/05/24 9 $190,992 -66% 1,751 $109   $211,181,910 60
2010/05/25 9 $145,658 -24% 1,751 $83   $211,327,568 61
2010/05/26 9 $143,387 -2% 1,751 $82   $211,470,955 62
2010/05/27 10 $133,264 -7% 1,751 $76   $211,604,219 63
2010/05/28 10 $285,681 +114% 825 $346   $211,889,900 64
2010/05/29 10 $460,913 +61% 825 $559   $212,350,813 65
2010/05/30 10 $404,240 -12% 825 $490   $212,755,053 66
2010/05/31 10 $362,843 -10% 825 $440   $213,117,896 67
2010/06/01 11 $90,887 -75% 825 $110   $213,208,783 68
2010/06/02 11 $87,496 -4% 825 $106   $213,296,279 69
2010/06/03 10 $98,581 +13% 825 $119   $213,394,860 70
2010/06/04 - $135,097 +37% 343 $394   $213,529,957 71
2010/06/05 - $205,876 +52% 343 $600   $213,735,833 72
2010/06/06 - $147,310 -28% 343 $429   $213,883,143 73
2010/06/07 - $44,274 -70% 343 $129   $213,927,417 74
2010/06/08 - $56,136 +27% 343 $164   $213,983,553 75
2010/06/09 - $59,439 +6% 343 $173   $214,042,992 76
2010/06/10 - $52,930 -11% 343 $154   $214,095,922 77
2010/06/11 - $96,828 +83% 281 $345   $214,192,750 78
2010/06/12 - $143,868 +49% 281 $512   $214,336,618 79
2010/06/13 - $89,763 -38% 281 $319   $214,426,381 80
2010/06/14 - $41,135 -54% 281 $146   $214,467,516 81
2010/06/15 - $44,213 +7% 281 $157   $214,511,729 82
2010/06/16 - $43,477 -2% 281 $155   $214,555,206 83
2010/06/17 - $42,009 -3% 281 $149   $214,597,215 84
2010/06/18 - $50,566 +20% 213 $237   $214,647,781 85
2010/06/19 - $63,286 +25% 213 $297   $214,711,067 86
2010/06/20 - $53,231 -16% 213 $250   $214,764,298 87
2010/06/21 - $27,825 -48% 213 $131   $214,792,123 88
2010/06/22 - $34,432 +24% 213 $162   $214,826,555 89
2010/06/23 - $62,752 +82% 213 $295   $214,889,307 90
2010/06/24 - $55,722 -11% 213 $262   $214,945,029 91
2010/06/25 - $149,137 +168% 333 $448   $215,094,166 92
2010/06/26 - $186,160 +25% 333 $559   $215,280,326 93
2010/06/27 - $142,202 -24% 333 $427   $215,422,528 94
2010/06/28 - $89,135 -37% 333 $268   $215,511,663 95
2010/06/29 - $111,068 +25% 333 $334   $215,622,731 96
2010/06/30 - $92,083 -17% 333 $277   $215,714,814 97
2010/07/01 14 $100,420 +9% 333 $302   $215,815,234 98
2010/07/02 - $129,383 +29% 303 $427   $215,944,617 99
2010/07/03 - $130,550 +1% 303 $431   $216,075,167 100
2010/07/04 - $81,827 -37% 303 $270   $216,156,994 101
2010/07/05 19 $139,745 +71% 303 $461   $216,296,739 102
2010/07/06 - $90,551 -35% 303 $299   $216,387,290 103
2010/07/07 - $88,735 -2% 303 $293   $216,476,025 104
2010/07/08 13 $100,019 +13% 303 $330   $216,576,044 105
2010/07/09 - $108,458 +8% 254 $427   $216,684,502 106
2010/07/10 - $126,526 +17% 254 $498   $216,811,028 107
2010/07/11 - $82,939 -34% 254 $327   $216,893,967 108
2010/07/12 - $55,886 -33% 254 $220   $216,949,853 109
2010/07/13 - $73,065 +31% 254 $288   $217,022,918 110
2010/07/14 - $61,617 -16% 254 $243   $217,084,535 111
2010/07/15 - $66,070 +7% 254 $260   $217,150,605 112
2010/07/16 - $75,190 +14% 228 $330   $217,225,795 113
2010/07/17 - $96,051 +28% 228 $421   $217,321,846 114
2010/07/18 - $66,151 -31% 228 $290   $217,387,997 115
2010/07/19 - $43,255 -35% 228 $190   $217,431,252 116
2010/07/20 - $52,961 +22% 228 $232   $217,484,213 117
2010/07/21 - $46,789 -12% 228 $205   $217,531,002 118
2010/07/22 - $50,229 +7% 228 $220   $217,581,231 119

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2010/03/26 1 $43,732,319   4,055 $10,785   $43,732,319 3
2010/04/02 3 $29,010,044 -34% 4,060 $7,145   $92,135,916 10
2010/04/09 3 $24,863,535 -14% 4,007 $6,205   $133,404,438 17
2010/04/16 2 $19,633,320 -21% 3,825 $5,133   $158,251,066 24
2010/04/23 1 $15,350,213 -22% 3,665 $4,188   $178,345,927 31
2010/04/30 2 $10,614,289 -31% 3,426 $3,098   $192,173,750 38
2010/05/07 3 $6,680,374 -37% 3,003 $2,225   $201,013,867 45
2010/05/14 5 $5,003,536 -25% 2,620 $1,910   $207,647,696 52
2010/05/21 9 $1,901,211 -62% 1,751 $1,086   $210,990,918 59
2010/05/28 10 $1,150,834 -39% 825 $1,395   $212,755,053 66
2010/06/04 14 $488,283 -58% 343 $1,424   $213,883,143 73
2010/06/11 17 $330,459 -32% 281 $1,176   $214,426,381 80
2010/06/18 29 $167,083 -49% 213 $784   $214,764,298 87
2010/06/25 15 $477,499 +186% 333 $1,434   $215,422,528 94
2010/07/02 21 $341,760 -28% 303 $1,128   $216,156,994 101
2010/07/09 22 $317,923 -7% 254 $1,252   $216,893,967 108
2010/07/16 24 $237,392 -25% 228 $1,041   $217,387,997 115

Weekly US DVD Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
10/17/201011,874,531 1,874,531$39,627,023$39,627,0231
10/24/201011,418,003-24% 3,292,534$30,769,956$70,396,9792
10/31/20102329,223-77% 3,621,757$6,671,046$77,068,0253
11/7/20103225,409-32% 3,847,166$4,863,177$81,931,2014
11/14/20104321,416+43% 4,168,582$5,257,337$87,188,5395
11/21/20108164,099-49% 4,332,681$3,179,976$90,368,5156
11/28/201024276,567+69% 4,609,248$3,454,322$93,822,8367
12/5/201016145,753-47% 4,755,001$2,794,785$96,617,6218
12/12/20105303,599+108% 5,058,600$4,501,462$101,119,0839
12/19/201013194,951-36% 5,253,551$2,876,307$103,995,39110
12/26/20102991,247-53% 5,344,798$1,559,457$105,554,84711
1/9/20112946,019 5,444,631$676,185$107,048,97813
1/16/20113031,301-32% 5,475,932$470,391$107,519,36914
2/20/20115292,205 5,836,947$3,550,437$112,277,62719
2/27/20112356,254-81% 5,893,201$838,365$113,115,99120
3/6/20112439,045-31% 5,932,246$590,317$113,706,30921
4/3/20111359,698 6,023,999$920,591$115,167,44725
4/10/20111563,693+7% 6,087,692$783,965$115,951,41226
4/17/20111160,359-5% 6,148,051$714,174$116,665,58627
4/24/20118199,660+231% 6,347,711$2,346,085$119,011,67128
5/1/20112332,156-84% 6,379,867$423,395$119,435,06629
2/26/20122517,504 6,528,984$219,624$121,586,74572
5/18/20141430,061 8,527,885$376,559$127,932,247188
5/25/20141821,485-29% 8,549,370$259,945$128,192,192189
6/1/20141239,945+86% 8,589,315$518,582$128,710,774190
6/8/2014827,490-31% 8,616,805$353,288$129,064,061191
6/15/2014756,183+104% 8,672,988$683,045$129,747,106192
6/22/2014835,282-37% 8,708,270$457,174$130,204,280193
6/29/2014930,570-13% 8,738,840$393,980$130,598,260194
7/6/20141339,811+30% 8,778,651$509,796$131,108,056195
7/13/20141232,300-19% 8,810,951$419,251$131,527,306196
7/20/20141617,286-46% 8,828,237$224,547$131,751,853197
8/3/20142315,005 8,851,022$194,495$132,047,549199
8/10/20142815,779+5% 8,866,801$204,557$132,252,106200
11/16/20141818,410 8,989,557$239,772$133,868,978214
11/23/20143022,773+24% 9,012,330$299,784$134,168,762215
12/21/20142863,587 9,175,179$826,631$136,286,854219

Weekly US Blu-ray Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
10/17/20101356,592 356,592$11,974,359$11,974,3591
10/24/20101286,026-20% 642,618$9,415,976$21,390,3352
10/31/2010462,291-78% 704,909$2,127,847$23,518,1823
11/7/2010733,703-46% 738,612$1,136,795$24,654,9774
11/14/2010735,585+6% 774,197$1,200,633$25,855,6105
11/21/20101024,305-32% 798,502$806,686$26,662,2966
12/5/20101738,987 863,242$1,302,952$28,643,8428
12/12/2010760,175+54% 923,417$2,016,451$30,660,2939
12/19/20101746,410-23% 969,827$1,575,145$32,235,43810
1/30/20111214,258 1,045,578$479,787$34,017,98916
2/20/20111719,480 1,092,140$650,823$35,130,82819
2/27/20112019,001-2% 1,111,141$632,938$35,763,76620
3/6/2011199,783-49% 1,120,924$324,590$36,088,35621
4/24/2011833,459 1,185,018$1,092,779$38,086,58928
5/1/2011198,806-74% 1,193,824$285,750$38,372,33929
5/8/20111412,635+43% 1,206,459$407,591$38,779,93030
9/18/2011166,890 1,321,723$214,628$40,713,40149
2/26/20121712,643 1,421,015$369,686$42,639,31272
6/1/2014734,898 1,590,878$715,748$46,110,293190
6/8/20141018,815-46% 1,609,693$460,597$46,570,890191
6/15/20141236,924+96% 1,646,617$944,875$47,515,765192
6/22/2014815,983-57% 1,662,600$423,380$47,939,145193
6/29/20141016,835+5% 1,679,435$346,808$48,285,953194
7/6/20141217,360+3% 1,696,795$329,143$48,615,096195
7/13/20141215,083-13% 1,711,878$281,289$48,896,385196
7/20/20141510,884-28% 1,722,762$195,796$49,092,181197
11/16/20141518,824 1,767,549$423,727$50,100,325214

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